Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not Exactly Planned~

Dental visits are one thing on our trauma list and today was cleaning day.
Up until today, we have had big cries and fear before and during.
While driving to Dr. Lugus' office, I had a long talk with all three about the simplicity of the visit...
xrays(?), count, clean, flouride, OUT of there.
We've been there before, know everyone, and there would be no ouchies.
 EVERYONE did fantasic! Not. One. Single. Tear.
This was WP's first visit and he was perfect!
All clear until they discovered a little ulcer above EK's silver tooth.
OH NO! An abscess at that tooth and a cavity on another tooth.
What to do? Come back and 2pm for a filling and extraction. :(
Not Exactly what we had Planned!

We were happy to make our lunch date with my new precious friend Shelia and her girls~
Our kids hit it off famously~
Which helped take EK's mind off what was coming next.
Thank you Sheila!!!

We headed back to dr and EK faced her uncomforable visit like a champ.
If you have to have it done... Dr. Lugus is the best!
I was able to stay with her the whole time, talking to her and rubbing her legs.
After that is was straight to Target for a surprise~ totally deserved!
Thankful she is in bed sleeping soundly tonight with no dental visits in sight.

PS. Looking forward to a Hermie visit tonight! :)


  1. Awww... Poor EK! Hope she feels better!

  2. Bless her little heart!! Pray she's all well by morning! (Glad you found a red clearance item at Target!) Love Sj's pose and that smile of Will's.. he's just precious, and what adorable dresses on all the girls! You're such a good mom.

  3. nothing like a visit to target to make it all better! we go next tuesday for dentist to check out the work from the surgery. hoping for no tears

  4. We were just at Dr. Lugus' office this week, too. Drake and EK have very similar stories and fears. I'm so happy to hear how tough she was. That takes courage!

  5. Bless her sweet little heart! How scary! I broke a tooth last night so I am headed to the dentist tomorrow morning. I am totally dreading it. However, I know a trip to Target would make me feel better too!

  6. bless her heart, I know she is like Madeline when the unexpected arrives. She soooooooo deserved to go to Target!!!!

  7. Sweet girl:( Dental dams are no fun at all:( But, neither is an infected tooth! Good job on being so brave EK! You can pull one of my teeth for a treat from Target!