Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EllaKate Day~ 2012

I could barely stand to think EK would be at school today
so we asked her teacher if we might celebrate with cupcakes.
She woke with a smile knowing we would be coming for lunch
and a little celebration~
 She was very shy when they sang to her.
Loved seeing her flower project lying on the table
in which she chose her referral photo to display.
Her class loved celebrating with her.
SO thankful to have such a sweet teacher,
Mrs. Gurley, who cares about EK.
 After we picked EK up from school,
we stopped by my mom's for a little playtime.
On the way home I asked her what she wanted to do for dinner
and she said... Happy Meals.
so she would have one more thing to hang on her backpack~ :)
 A few weeks ago I worked on a digital style Lifebook
for EK made @ Shutterfly.
She opened it after dinner and LOVED it.
Nothing sweeter than reading her story to her~
Lastly we celebrated with a little dog cake
she chose from Ingles~
Happy EllaKate Day precious daughter.
We couldn't be more blessed to love you
and be loved by you!!!
Blessings and love forever!!!


  1. Ooooh!! I just created & ordered a LifeBook for our Milo. I can hardly wrap my mind around his being with us for a year already! How wonderful that you were able to celebrate EK's Forever Family Day with her & her class!! Very inspiring!! I just might have to crash my son's daycare.... :) Congrats!!

  2. I am editing my Shutterfly Life Book as we speak!!! Love it! I also LOVE EK's teacher for celebrating such a special day!!! Just awesome!!! Love the pictures!

  3. What a fun filled day! So lucky to you can take cupcakes to school, they are banned from our schools in the area now. Our backpack looks just like that with all those toys fun for them! She's blessed~

  4. what a lovely little girl who has the loveliest of families!


  5. So glad that she had a wonderful day! Loved all the pictures, especially the ones of her over the years. Can't believe it's been that long!

  6. She is so sweet! I am so happy Briana is not the only kid with items hanging all over her backpack - LOL!