Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love 7~

I LOVE being organized and simplifying.
Today is the 7th so I thought it was time for a 7 update.
If you haven't read Jen Hatmaker's article,
you might want to click and read.

I have made it to Chapter 2 about Clothes...
I could have written the first few pages myself
because I am really not a big clothes person either.
Don't get me wrong, I like cute clothes
and I like to look cute but I don't really care for shopping
and don't really find what I like all that often.

I also agree with Jen that you would never know that about me
if you looked in my closet or the bins I store
my off season clothes in.
How many of you are like me...
switch out 3-4 bins of winter for summer
and barely wear any of it~
Keep going back to the same outfits over and over
because you love them, they fit well, and are just plain comfortable.

Yesterday I read a great article from Simple Mom
about Creating a Wardrobe that works for you.
That got me brainstorming what needed to happen.
Scott and I have a pretty small closet
so I needed to go through my stuff and follow Hallie's advice.

I took every! single! thing! out of my closet and drawers!
to ask myself the following questions~
  • Do I feel comfortable wearing it?
  • When was the last time I wore it?
  • Does it flatter my unique figure?
  • Do I have somewhere to wear it to?
  • Do I have something to wear it with? 
I even pulled out my summer bins and did the same thing.
Took my whole morning but SO worth it!
(Ended up with 2 piles of clothes)

 (and a big pile of shoes)
My littles kept themselves busy with DSs
and SJ even spent time teaching WP how to play~
So how did it turn out???
I was able to fit ALL my clothes back in closet
and dresser drawers.
By all I mean both winter and summer clothes~ WOW!
(except for my shorts~ summer bin in basement)

I now have four bags of things to sell at a yardsale~
 and I even rubbed off on Scott
as he started his own give away pile~
(Gotta start somewhere, right?)
 Anyone else reading 7 and have thoughts?


  1. 7? I think I need this? What is 7!

    I need to do what you are doing!


  2. Oh I'm right there with you. I just read the same chapter. I had already signed up for a consignment sale, the biggest one here in Memphis. Sunday, I had to lay the seats down in the van to drop it all off. There are 6 trash bags of things to give away in my bedroom. I'm struggling with where I should send it. I don't know if it's nice enough for the HopeWorks program here in Memphis but it would be nice to make the connection instead of just dropping if off at Goodwill. Wish you lived closer. I would donate it to your yard sale in a heartbeat! Of course, it's easier for me too because we are getting rid of tons of winter stuff without batting an eye.

  3. I fear starting this in my closet. It only seems that I will actually want to wear something just after I drop it off at the goodwill :) One blouse in particular I even went into the store to see if it was there LOL :)

  4. Haven't read it yet....but plan to. Right now I'm reading Give Them Grace and 1000 Gifts. Boy you got much done in a morning with 2 rock. I need to do this more with the kids clothes than mine. Maybe in March.

  5. Yeah. I want in on what you're doing!! I need to organize and simplify too!!

  6. Hi Sharon~ First of all, you always look so darn cute! and...I know what you mean. I have my go-to outfits and where those same pieces all the time. ;-) Since we are a family on the move, I love purging so I loved this post! Goodwill is a weekly visit for me. We do have a yard sale this spring so I will be joining in on that too. Your closet looks fabulous! xoxo--Beth

  7. You always look great and so put together no matter what you have on. Now you will just glow with organization knowing you accomplished such a task. People have paid me to clean out their closets just as you did but can hardly ever let go of as much as you did. Good job Shay!

  8. I just started chapter two as well! That woman makes me laugh so much that I usually end up crying. Anyway... I am ready to tackle my closet. There's not much there, but still, so much I don't wear. It's going! Thanks for the link to Simple Mom. One of my very favorite things to do is organize. (OCD) ha!

  9. I'm on the same page as you are, the sad thing is that my closet will NEVER look like yours...I don't think I am supposed to end up with closet envy...darn:)

  10. Wow! You go girl! I need to do the same here!

  11. Convicted! Just downloaded it on Kindle...