Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love 5~

Today I LOVE being a student again.
I have always loved school... never missed a day
the whole 12 years elem~high school.
I loved all my education classes @ UGA
preparing to TEACH school. :)
Now I home school my littles and love teaching them.

A few weeks ago,
I began Beyond the Layers class taught by Kim Klassen
from whom I have taken classes before.
LOVE Kim!!!
This week she shared creating storyboards
as a way of showcasing photos in a collage of sorts.

Amy, Max, and Adelyn came over to play on Friday
and I captured a few images.
I always want to remember Max and WP
becoming the best of friends.
It is SO sweet that we live so close
and our children can play~
My Storyboards~
 Also ran Florabella actions on them as well~
 I LOVE that it doesn't even matter
that we mostly have girl toys to play with...
they all just love being together.
Not to mention the 60 degree weather every afternoon.

Click button to visit Kim!


  1. So sweet! I'm hoping once we get moved I can take some photography classes and design and layout. I feel like I've forgotten everything I learned at school!

  2. Oh the joy of just playing outside! Miss watching my children, now teens and young adults, dig in the dirt and ride bikes. Your are blessed to be able to start over again.

  3. I love to learn too! I need to check these classes out.

    Fabulous pictures of the Littles!!!

  4. Great pics! The boys look so handsome with their hair gel. How close are Will and Max in age?

    What an accomplishment to never have misses any school days! Are you hoping that one of your kids will attend your alma mater? UGA is a great school.

  5. Great Job Sharon. I have a lot of somedays and this is one of them :) Someday I will take a photography class until then I will admire your great work.

  6. Oh you wait there will be plenty of boy toys to play with soon and the girls will love it.

    I love these sets they are amazing.


  7. Wow -- very cool! Love these photos! Your littles are so adorable!


  8. The storyboards turned out so beautiful! I love every picture! We had a great time playing with you guys. :)

  9. Wow Sharon--you never missed a day of school...that's a huge achievement. I love the story boards. Beautiful. I want to learn! I'll have to check Miss Kim out. I've been keeping up with Georgia Gymnastics...of course! xoxo--Beth