Saturday, August 13, 2022

Easing Back into School~

Week 1:

August was here, and we were ready to get back into a rhythm for school. I guess this photo is as good as any for our first-day pic. We had taken a couple of weeks off, but when Monday rolled around, we were ready to gather around the table once again~

We took a very slow and easy start with Language Arts and Morning Time. I put everyone's new books at the table, and CA was thrilled~

It was so good to have a predictable morning again, and everyone felt excited~

For Bible this year, we are bringing back The Child's Story Bible, and we love it! I read it maybe two years ago, and I'm glad we are rereading it because everyone is older and can participate in the discussions and narrations. We finished our last Patricia MacLachlan book and began our new read-aloud, The Silver Balloon~.

We have a new hymn and poem, a virtue to practice, and a passage of scripture to memorize. We sing and read all of these things every morning during our morning time~

Our NEW thing for this week was Language Arts. We will all use The Good and the Beautiful curriculum; honestly, I wish I had used it all along. EK started her high school study last year, and we are continuing it, but everyone else is starting new. We already have one change to make with the boys, but it will be here in a week or so. EK and SJ are also continuing their science study together, and this year they are doing Chemistry~

I LOVE the language the little girls are doing. Playing games, doing independent work, and reading together daily is so fun. At least once a week, there is an art project, and EC decided to use her watercolors~

We keep our morning workbooks as well as journals in these baskets under the coffee table for easy access~

My mom dropped by with fresh peas, so a few of the kids shelled those while we read aloud. I snapped this photo of CA because this is how you know a read-aloud was excellent... they pick it up when we are done and reread it on their own~🥰

Another new thing we added this year is a missionary study from The Gentle + Classical Press. SJ had asked that we do more geography, so I let her choose the country we should read, and she chose our favorite, China~ 

We also watch World Watch News every morning, and this week I asked them to pick their favorite story and write about it in their journals. I really want to focus on more writing this school year. They did a great job~

Friday, I had a jar of writing prompts from this little book, Tell Me a Story, and everyone got to choose one to write about. They weren't thrilled about it, but some pretty good ideas were written. I pulled a picture book and read this to them, too~

Week 2:

For writing this week, I had them write about the story from the Bible we read for the day. We also added Spanish and Sign Language classes from Masterbooks. com. This was another request for the year from SJ~

We also added Math back into our schedule for week 2. To motivate them, I read these excellent picture books about people in history who loved math. It was great for them to make connections of things they have in common with the characters and how our interests can lead us on the path God has already planned for us~

Everyone moved up a level for Math this year, and we will continue with Teaching Textbooks, which saved my life last year. I was drowning with all the reteaching I had to do with 7 kids, but now they are all thriving. I won't lie and say we never have a bad math day, but they are much farther in between, and we are much happier~

We love having our math on Amazon fires so everyone can be on their own, working simultaneously. The other thing I love is they don't have to be online. TT works offline because it is saved to their device. When they link to Wi-Fi, I get an email each morning that lets me know how everyone did. If they bombed, I can quietly go in and delete the lesson so they can have a do-over. Win win~

We will be reading a few books from Japan and found this fantastic puzzle at the bookstore, so we picked it up. We are also studying this artist as well. We love to have a puzzle going during fall and winter to work on during read-aloud, so this will be perfect~

Another way we are studying geography and countries/cultures is with Letters From Afar, which deliver every month. We opened the first one this week and traveled to Ecuador. There is a letter and a detailed map with Field notes. I made a copy for the kids to glue in their journals. We also dove into these amazing atlases to find out all the things~

I LOVE to have a few other things for the kids to enjoy while we are reading together. Here are a few of the new stuff we collected this summer from Amazon. They have really become interested in string games again. We also have two cabinets with games to play and handicrafts to do~

Finally, on Friday, we did math, morning time, and Read-Aloud Revival's WOW Workshop with the fantastic author, Ken Hatke. It was all about sketching for comics and graphic novels. It was beautiful, and I have even seen a few of the kids sketching things he talked about, so it was definitely awesome; then we cleaned house and played the rest of the day away~

Oh, and remember that Writing Jar I had out last Friday... yeah, that was a no, so we balled up the prompts and will rethink our Friday Writing for next week~

The thing we end our school morning with each day during lunch is a Listen-aloud. 🤗 The RAR choice for fall is Sweep which we have already read (and I might have been disappointed), BUT guess what? Reading or Listening for a second time is SO rich!!! We have loved rereading it and remembering the story. The writing is so beautiful, and we absolutely love Jonathan Auxier. 
Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster

Next week, we are adding in History! Can't wait to tell you all about it!!!

Celebrations Upon Celebrations~

Sunday was a hard one for us because Savannah and her family were off to the beach but getting pics from them and Scottie sure made my heart feel better~ 

What a precious pair of babies hanging out together~

We went to church, came home to pack a lunch, and headed out on the lake~

I'm always surprised how relaxed I feel when we are on the water, and everyone enjoyed the day~

The Doves made it to the beach AND to the boys' favorite place to eat~

What a paradise to play in for a whole month~

They look like they have grown  SO much since they've been gone~

EC wasn't happy at all when she found out she would need glasses but when she saw herself in them, a big huge smile filled her face. SO thankful she loves them and can see so much better~

We've been waiting since last October for this dock and it is beginning to arrive in pieces. We can't wait to have a slip for our boat to sleep in every night~

Just look at those beautiful boys~

Need a new idea for dinner? The big girls shared how to make ceasar chicken wraps: grilled chicken, ceasar salad, wrapped in warm tortillas. We just happened to have some fresh corn and peas and threw those on them too. YUM~

After I finished the quilts, I had so many half triangle squares, I made a couple of potholders which I love AND I ran by the quilting shop because I was ready for a new project... three more quilts~

Rosie and Hayden got a great report for baby girl and she could arrive ANY DAY now~

These gingham quilts are WAY easier than the other ones~

I love when something I am doing inspires the kids to try it on their own. All they had to do was stand beside me and watch the process and they were off to make their own versions. GREAT job~

Y'all are so cute... all of you~

One done and beginning the second~

Scottie is 2🎉

Amelia and Logan had invited our families to come to Scottie's party on her birthday but she had not been feeling well and then Logan got sick. It was SO sad the party had to be canceled but we watched many videos of her big day even in the middle of sickness. She loves Toy Story so that was the theme~

While we were waiting to go over and take gifts, we took a little spin on the lake, met up with our neighbors, and I surprised EVERYONE and rode Mabel... GASP! I didn't enjoy it very much but I DID enjoy seeing them all so happy. It was the most beautiful day~

Mimi sent these precious photos of our girl with her birthday cake in her birthday dress AND she gor her own car which is remote controlled by her parents. That sound like the perfect car for sure~

Scott and I went over to deliver gifts outside and see everyone. Bubba (Lennox) was so happy to see us~

Could the birthday girl be any cuter AND how can she be 2 already?~

NEXT SJ is 15~

How in the world did SJ turn 15? She has looked forward to this day for years really~ the day she was old enough for a permit and learning to drive. She woke up with a big smile on her face, got to get her very first phone, and opened her gifts. We did a little bit of school while waiting for dad to come home for the party~

We took the kids to Greenville for dinner, ice cream, and (you guessed it), the bookstore. Seriously, it never gets old~

DMV was closed on Monday so she and Scott left at 7:30am and not long after, they called to say she passed. EC made her a lemon birthday cake, and then she took her first driving lesson. I'm pretty sure it's the best birthday ever... until next year~

Lennox is 6 Mths Old~

Oh my goodness... how did our baby grow up so fast too? I can't believe we've been loving him for 6 months. Don't blink because babies don't keep. What a precious angel~

CA and I had a mommy/daughter day for her 10 year old checkup so we had CFA for lunch and enjoyed a Target run together where she chose a very fun lego set just like her brothers~

And just like that all three quilt tops are complete and now it's time to quilt them. Saturday morning we woke to a very cool morning so we opened our sliding glass doors and sat out on the porch with our coffee~

Rosie is 27~ { I Told you we had Celebrations Upon Celebrations}

Rosie came over to spend the afternoon with us so she and Evie made a birthday cake and had a little party. I told it was SO wonderful to have her with us on her special day. That doesn't happen much once they are all grown up. She is expecting the greatest gift of a little girl any time now so that will be our next celebration. She and Hayden went to dinner when he got home from work~🎉

I was SO happy to be with my baby loves tonight while mom and dad got some time away. They were precious and we played and played and played. Love every single minute with them and what a blessing~
Celebrations Upon Celebrations~ both big and small. I count them all and so grateful for every one!!!

Easing Back into School~

Week 1: August was here, and we were ready to get back into a rhythm for school. I guess this photo is as good as any for our first-day pic....