Friday, June 5, 2020

First Week of Summer School~

Monday morning five woke up in the tent at 5:30am, and I began to wonder what kind of day we would have...

They ate an early breakfast and played in their rooms for a while and when finally the two teenagers appeared, we all began our first day of Summer School~

For morning time we are reading from these two books~

This is our hymn and poem for June~

The next part of our day was Math, Explode the Code, Music Theory, and Grammar then they were all off to get ready for the day and practice their instruments. We took a few morning walks this week with our grand-dog Cabot~

Wildlives was a huge hit! We had actually read a picture about the first animal hero, Cher Ami, but they didn't mind hearing it again~

While they sketched and took notes, I read this favorite picture book and the first chapter of Seabird~

Here is Calla writing books again~

Tuesday we switched to Ocean unit and I read the next story in The Burgess Seashore Book which was about crabs so we read about crabs in all the books~

We especially loved hearing A House for Hermit Crab then we painted chalk pastel crabs~

Wednesday we read the next story in Wildlives about Simon, the warship cat in WW2~
 I had planned to read Sam, Bang, & Moonshine (which is one of my all-time favorite books ever!) and Holly remembered Papa Piccolo so we read it too!

They sketched cats from a youtube tutorial of gesture drawings~

Thursday was back to Burgess and the Stickleback fish so we watched a watercolor tutorial and painted our own version~

Our picture book was the wonderful Swimmy~

For Fun Friday, we did Lesson 1 from our Marine Biology unit and covered so many topics including the zones of the ocean~
 Otis and Will is another favorite book around here and went perfect since one of the zones is called Bathypelagic.

We all sketched and labeled the zones in our nature journals~
We finished the day out with our next Latin lesson which WE LOVE!!!!!!!!!

So we sketched in our Nature Lournals 3 times and created 2 pieces of ART which we laminated back to back for our Art Notebooks! It was a GREAT start to summer learning!!!

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