Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April Adventure~

If you are still reading our blog, thank you! You may have noticed I had been separating out our family and school photos but felt that was giving the wrong image of what we believe education to be.

As Charlotte Mason says, "Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life."
We believe children learn in everything they do, read, and what interests them. We are learning as a family all day long.

We began a few renovations to our home April 6 with a new roof which was a need and decided it would be a good time to add the dormers we wanted~

Violin and music in general has become such a huge part of our family these days. Calla and Holly joined the violin players so we have 4~

We took the first week of April for spring break and took a day trip to Greenville Zoo~

Played on the playground~

and walked around downtown. The highlight was getting ice cream @ The Creme Shack~

The boys followed in EK's footsteps and began piano lessons~

EC is quite the fashion girl and made CA a dress from a trashbag :)~

They will forever be prairie girls because they love Little House SO much~

Spring brings lots of time outside working in the yard and opening the pool... a FRIGID pool~

A look around our house, before and after photo, and an open pool~

EK had her 14th birthday, and we celebrated with gifts, a birthday song played by SJ on her violin~

Big balloons, a pound cake, and family~
 We can't believe she's growing up so quickly!!!

EK got a new heavy duty sewing machine for her birthday, so she gave her old one to EC and she has been sewing up a storm~
 SJ is a great teacher for her!

Calla loves to sit at the kitchen table while we do morning work and draw pictures which have elaborate stories behind them. She bubble cuts them, glues them into her journal, and I dictate her narration~
 Evie has loved her violin lessons!

One of the skills we work on each day is note reading, so we copy on in our journal~
 Then go to our instruments to play it too.
We discovered notes look a lot like chocolate chips so they one chip for every note they can read and play~

Around this time of year, we began planning our garden and talking all about plants~

We decided to make cupcakes too~

I wanted a few new plants for our pots, so we took a little field trip to Home Depot. Everyone had ideas of what to get including Calla Lilies for the baby~

We bought lots of seeds and brought them home to observe, label, and plan to plant~

We made bread pudding to eat too~

Molly went for her very first grooming appointment mainly because she couldn't see. SO cute now~

We loved reading How a Seed Grows. We gave our seeds a little head start by planting them in eggshells~

Payne was thrilled to show me around our own Amen Corner from the Masters~

My mom and brother always host school field trips for classes each year. This year the kids were asked to come man the snack table and help out in any way~
 It was SO fun that Aunt Amy's K class was there, and we got to hear Max tell everything he knows about feeding and caring for the baby calves~
 I LOVE being there because it brings back so many wonderful childhood memories and allows me to share them with my children~

Seeds are sprouting with wet paper towels in bags on the windows~

Some of our favorite books about plants and farms~

We've also enjoyed studying medieval days and people like Charlemagne~

EC rescued all these toads from the skimmer and had to have a photo to remember them by~

This Fun Friday found us outside at the big table reading books and making rock paper weights covered in flower petals~

Another big project we had to tackle in our yard were a few dead pines and a perfectly good River Birch which had me cleaning and blowing twice a day just to keep my garage clean. The shade had killed all the grass and mud washed into the driveway every time it rained. It was time for it to go~
 I can't get over the difference... NIGHT AND DAY~
 We can actually see our house now too!!!

Now that the tree was gone, we decided to cover the corner in sod~
 It's amazing to see sweet children that love to work... we started with 1/2 pallet and celebrated with a sprinkler party~

Then it was Easter. I was thrilled to get flowers from my yard for my tables~
 Our pumpkin sprouts had grown so much in the bag, we transferred to the clear jug!

Easter surprises awaited everyone and we made Resurrection Rolls for breakfast~

It was a great day of church~


 Lots of photos~

And an Easter egg hunt~

After opening all the eggs, the kids took a frigid dip in the pool~

I LOVE this photo of my parents and will cherish it always!!!

I ordered the kids these cups which a little late but they didn't mind at all~

Finally it was time to plant our garden. We decided on the spot right behind our pool fence. Three rows of all the seeds we had purchased~
 It was SO wonderful to dig up, plant, and water our new garden!

More swimming days than not are our favorite, and the baby with outstretched arms is SO happy about it~

I decided we needed more sod so 1 and 1/2 more were laid by our own landscaping team~

They loved every minute of it and so did we~
 God gave us the most beautiful sunset when the work was done!

Visits from the grandsons are always our favorite~

Evie spied a snake skin in the bushes and once extracted, was almost as long as she is tall~

Is there anything sweeter than children and grandchildren who are best friends?~

Here's a story for you...
While the men were here putting on our new roof, they saw and killed this Copperhead snake. Of course the kids were both horrified and elated so EK grabbed a jar for the men to coil it into~
 It now makes its home in a jar of alcohol on our living room book/nature shelf.

Sundays are always a GREAT time for a boat ride, and this was our first one of the season~

Everyone had grown so much, we had to switch around all the life jackets~
 SO wonderful to be back on the water!

Earth Day fun was looking for worms in our garden and eating dirt cups for snack~
 We also whittled ivory soap crosses like Robin in our book A Door in the Wall.

One of my favorite things to say is, "There is no sweeter corner in all the world!"
I believe it with all my heart! There is NO PLACE like HOME!!!


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