Sunday, March 31, 2019

March Memories~

March began with beautiful weather and with that comes all the outside toys.
Calla saw all her siblings riding bikes and begged we take off her training wheels thus began the riding lessons~

During math Evie was counting money when she had the brilliant idea to create an animal store with price tags and her sibs had to count out correct amount to purchase an animal~

We began work on our house to add dormers and new roof March 6~

The girls got haircuts and the boys waited an hour and half so we went for milkshakes afterwards~
 My violinists with cute hair~

March 6 we celebrated Mimi's 27th birthday with dinner and cookie cake~

More updates to the house~

One of our Fun Fridays was all about birds.
We made edible nests and cute birds~
 Using our copywork, we created beautiful tie dye paper to copy it on to~
 Everyone loved helping making the nests~

 Books we read for our Bird Day~

The big kids went for a day trip to Asheville to celebrate Mimi~

March 5 was BC's 5th birthday so we sent the soccer star a soccer net~

Then on Sunday we all went out for lunch at Taco Mac~
 And to watch his very first soccer game~

 We were SO proud of him!!!

Set up for morning table time is so important~
 We copied a wonderful quote for copywork then wrote stories of a time we were safe OR sorry~

Then we move to the family room for Morning Time~
 After lunch we have about 30 min of technology and everyone scatters for 'Feet Up" when they read, write, draw, sleep, or pray~

We are studying Medieval Times so we saved all our boxes and hot glued castle walls~

Fun Friday Frog study~
 We are so blessed to have Memommy come each Friday and spend the morning with us.

We made bookmarks, edible frogs, and toy frogs that caught a fly~

Finally got our violins hung in the living room~

We were so happy to open the pool, and it looked really great~

That night we had the most glorious sunset~

Sweet Calla~

So excited to keep the boys for a day at their house~
 We took a big stack of books to read together~

Mimi sent updated photos of the house~

More Fun Friday Fun with fancy writing from Medieval Days~
 We also enjoyed Poetry Teatime with tea and apple tarts~

New roof going on~

Cute girls ready for a warm day and gallon man for math time~
 It was SO warm, these crazies went for a swim~
 Except for three... one of which was not feeling very well.

Beautiful shields we made from chalk pastels~

EK began piano lessons with our violin teacher~

Are you tired of the house updates?

Writing stories~

SJ dressed Calla like Lola Dutch~

 Music kids~

Now Holly has started violin~

BC ready for picture day~

Our last Fun Friday for the month was snails and Matisse's art work comparing it to...
 Eric Carle~
 We made caterpillars and snails to eat!

And lastly, we have enjoyed having the boys for a few days~

Sissy and Sam were in town so we had a little impromptu birthday party for EK~
She will be 14 on the 7th!
A Marvelous March!!!


  1. I love to read your updates. I followed your blog for many years from the other side of the world in rural Western Australia and miss reading about your family. But totally understand the need to make your blog private.

  2. I also look forward to your updates.
    I have followed your blog for years as well.

  3. I also have followed your blog for a long time...have enjoyed watching the new building happening on your roof.
    I am happy EK is taking piano lessons...I am 72, went to a music store and bought a beginning adult piano book and am teaching has been 2+ years...I have just enjoyed "plodding" along....also, so proud of your girls with the violin.
    Enjoy your spring and summer...from a previous comment it looks like your blog will be private...thank you for all the years of enjoyment i have had from your blog. Bless you all.
    mary m, age 72


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