Thursday, February 28, 2019

February Fun~

Spring is such a wonderful time of the year and with it comes warm outside time~

February is also the month for my and Evie's birthday.
She began violin lessons to so we ordered her a violin with her birthday money~
 We decorated a pound cake which was delicious~
 Everyone had a wonderful time~

Back to lessons on Monday with a sweet passage in Love Does which prompted weekend news in our journals~

Mondays are usually new sight words and SAT vocab, so we make it fun with letter tiles and crosswords~

SJ volunteered to read the picture book for today then we played a math game~

Afternoons are for whatever makes your heart happy like sewing cute dresses for your AG doll or underlining all the books in a chapter book~

Fun Fridays were a comeback for this month too!
We celebrated Chinese New Year with sketching and copying Chinese characters~

We made lanterns and read books~

Evie's birthday gift arrived from Memommy~

 Three new books made the day wonderful.
We especially loved The Runaway Wok and stir fried lunch in the wok we brought home from China~
 Dad brought home Chinese takeout for dinner so we invited Memommy and Pop~
 We added Chinese Checkers to our game pile!

 The following week we had such a warm morning, we took school out on the breezeway~

Playing in the sunroom~

It was our great pleasure to have the boys for a weekend~

NOW we have three taking violin~

Valentine's Day was the next Fun Friday we celebrated with treats, cards, and lots of love~

Aunt Susan came by with surprises~

We made woven hearts and paired them with cookie bags, then delivered to our neighbors~

The Violin Trio~

We also made yummy strawberries for a Valentine treat~

Playing and taking a walk to the lake was so wonderful~

Sweet little Marshall turned 2~

Memommy gave us this little fishing game~

Lots of mornings the little girls are up before everyone else so we get their lessons done first~
 We mixed reading, writing, and math into one sitting!!!

With the piano lessons in full force, it was time to have the piano tuned~
 Mr. Valley is our favorite~ he was totally our school lesson for the day!

There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing everyone out in the yard living and playing their best life~
 And with that, February was done and on to March!

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