Tuesday, October 30, 2018

October Learning Moments~

For October we pulled out all the books and because it was Tuesday, we read poetry and wrote our own poem~

We love listening to this new podcast, and we did some map work~

EK is forever sketching from her iPod, and SJ drew this castle~

I have loved using Delightful Reading with the little Trio~

EK found this gigantic bullfrog in the skimmer and kept  it long enough to take photos of it~

Sketching is a favorite activity while listening to stories~

Evie found this precious little snail~

Dinnertime Dessert Poetry Time~

Word work with letter stamps and playdough~

Always drawing~

Egyptian pharaohs~

Sight word work~

Ukulele lessons~

We have an overabundance of lizards and skinks here~

Room on the Broom was Calla's favorite Halloween story so we made story puppets~

We finished up our Beautiful Feet China study with Brush Painting~

Look at their beautiful bamboo paintings~

We did a little research about Kentucky before we traveled~

And made travel brochures when we returned home~

Some time each day, everyone grabs their free read and enjoys their reading time~

Trio reading work~

 Halloween lunch and reading time~
Lots of awesome learning around here for sure!!!

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