Friday, August 31, 2018

August Learning~

Pen Pal Letters~

One of the most exciting things we do every couple of weeks is Pen Pal letters, and when they arrive in the mail, everyone is SO happy~

The boys just got a Pen Pal... Grey and Jack~

I sit with each child to read or hear read the letter, then we write together what they will write back. They talk and I type until it is done, then we print. Each child takes all the time they need copying it onto notebook paper~
 I've been treating them to mini M&Ms when they get to a period for little girls and for each paragraph for big kids. Makes it pretty fun!

Evie has a system where she cuts off the sentences as she goes. They love decorating with stickers and drawings~

I've been amazed at the growth I've watched in all of them. Most of the time they have 3-8 finished pages. I love that they are really writing for the purpose of making another person happy~

They even address their own envelopes and create beautiful things to go in the letters~
 I think everyone deserves letters in their mailbox! It sure makes us happy!

Language Arts~

We enjoyed The Penderwicks at Last for our grammar, spelling, literary elements, and listening pleasure. I am amazed how much they learn while reading texts from books they love~

Calla is forever drawing on copy paper, in her nature journal, and her everyday journal~
 I 'Jot Down' whatever she tells me about the picture.

Evie and Holly have been working hard on their copywork and reading~

I love helping them all work on their own level~
 I like to print photos of memories they can write about in their journals.

We ordered these cute books by Tomie dePaola, and they have read them over and over~

Some mornings I set up a little invitation for the little girls~
 This was a pretty fun one for them!

I am using The Wand from Bravewriter to work on their reading~
We made reading books and talked about vowels and consonants.

We also made Magic Eyes Reading Wands to help track reading words.

Working with playdough is a good morning invitation too~

One day Evie began making this little book about everyone in our family~
 And I had to take pics of all the pages. Adorable!

I love that the kids can get the table ready for Morning Work complete with a sunflower from my dad's garden~
 Calla loves Lola Dutch so when the doll came out, we had to get one!

We have worked on metaphors and similes too~
 I wrote one to each of the kids, and then found them in this sweet book.

More reading and writing~

Calla loves matching ABC clips to felt letters~

Evie writing a letter to Memommy~
All her own idea.


Our Ancient study is going very well. We are learning so much about Jewish culture, and we loved making this delicious bread~

Reading lots of wonderful books~

Incorporating science in the mix by sorting our plastic animals~

We love learning how history IS His Story, and the Bible is HISTORY~

We made playdough and pretended it was papyrus and wrote on it~

We also created Sukkot huts to eat while reading the book~

EK and SJ read a book about Cleopatra, then wrote a written narration about it~
They are now Cleopatra experts.


Evie finished her math book, and they always get $10 when it's complete~

We are trying out a new CM math, and the little girls love it~

SJ finished her math book too, and she's in limbo until I go to a CM retreat the first weekend in October~

We got a new game called Sequence, and we love to use it for math~

We also LOVE our SumBlox too~

Fine Arts Fridays~

We have begun to focus on Fine Arts of Music, Art, Poetry, and Shakespeare on Fridays. First we drew self portraits which I love~

Then we used chalk pastels to paint Sunsets at the Beach~

Poetry Teatime is one of favorites too~


We sketch lots each week and here are a few of them~

Nature Studies~

Scott found a cute little box turtle on one of his work sites and brought it home for the kids to observe. It was released down by the lake and loves its new home~

We have a family of deer including a buck, doe, and two fawns living in the woods behind us. They come out in the afternoons to snack on the clover in our yard~

It's a fact of life that animals die, and cows die from time on the dairy farm. Scott and Ella got a skull from one such cow to curate for her nature shelf. It was pretty gross at first~
 They got the skull and two jaw bones~
 Didn't I say nasty!!!~

They were able to get all the yuck off so it could sit in the bleaching sun for a few weeks~
 After it was completely bleached, we super glued all the teeth in and spray painted it~
Now it sits proudly on our nature shelf in our living room. I'm just as shocked as you probably are that this skull sits in my house, but I am committed to letting them chase the spark that interests them.

This was a precious little frog we found in the skimmer almost dead but EK nursed it back to health, named it Emerald, and let him go at the lake too~

And just so you know we have shenanigans during school over here~
 People climbing doorways and reading IG!

Another wonderful thing we love is handicrafts which Evie asks for daily~
I found a tutorial on Red Ted for this friendship bracelet loom. It was pretty easy, and they have made tons of them pretty much cleaning out my cross stitching floss. LOVE our learning days together and wouldn't trade it for the world!!!

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