Thursday, August 30, 2018

August Family Memories~

Look at Calla's face!
She was struggling to stay in her bed until 7am, so I placed an index card over the minutes of her digital clock just so she could see the hour. The index card had a 7 on it, and I challenged her to stay in bed until the 7s matched. 

The very first day she did it, I ordered her this adorable kitty which she named Kitty Cupcake. I am happy to say she has successfully stayed in bed every morning since then, and I think you can see the pride!!!

SJ is 11!

On August 8th, SJ turned 11. She opened gifts from her aunt Sissy like these amazing field glasses~

Then baked her own chocolate pound cake~

We decided to go out for lunch and took a few photos before~

After lunch she wanted to go to the bookstore where she added to her Spirit Animal collection with a buy 2, get 1 free~
 She also bought Harry Potter figures to decorate her cake, and this cute shirt delivered from Sissy too!

We celebrated with Amelia, Logan, Memommy, and Pop with food, cake, and gifts~
 She had a GREAT day!!!

Sweet Ben Curtis started to PreK this year, and this was his first day of school pic~
 Isn't he a doll?!?!?!!!

Rosie's 23rd Birthday~

Then it was Rosie's birthday on the 13th, and we celebrated around the pool and ice cream cake from DQ~

She wanted to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel so that's exactly what we did~

She, Evie, and Calla were featured in our local newspaper The Hartwell Sun as a stand alone photo~
Kind of a photo to go along with school starting back.

The great part of NOT starting back to school is Summer never ends until Fall officially lands on the calendar~
 We are pretty much learning all the time, so time in the pool and yard is our forever life.

Ella got to dogsit Cabot for Amelia and Logan while they went to the beach~

Holly received a great report at her specialist's appointment~
 Dr. Boydston is definitely one of the kindest drs we have ever met!

Farm Time~

My brother has been working so hard to cut the corn for silage, so we decided to go up and take a ride with him~
 As you can see it was the most beautiful day, and everyone loved it so much.
 We also spent the afternoon at Memommy and Pop's house afterwards!
It was the best day!!!

Sunsets of the Lake~

There is something so spectacular about watching the sunset while sitting out in the middle of the lake~
 We did just that one night in the middle of the week after dinner. That's the wonderful thing about living fulltime on the lake. We can go whenever we want to!

These cute girls had their 8&6 well checks, and they were deemed perfect~
 I knew that already!

Another Birthday and a Gotcha~

Scott's 57th birthday was also SJ's 8th Gotcha Day, so we took adorable photos~

Cooked Fiesta Pasta and homemade donuts~

Invited Mimi, Logan, and Rosie over to celebrate~
 The happiest of parties for sure!

The Grand Loves~

We were thrilled to get the Grand loves for the night so Josh and Savannah could get a date night~
 They came for a family day, and our house was filled with every person in our family for you guessed it, another party~
 We have a thing for celebrating someone's birthday multiple times.

As you can see, it was the BEST of Augusts, and Sept is bound to be just as wonderful!!!

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