Friday, July 20, 2018

Lots of Learning!

EK has really been practicing her photography.
She has opened her own private IG account and posting her photos with written stories~

Seems like we are really into writing stories, making books, and drawing tons of stuff~

 Some days when we read a lot, everyone finds something to do.
Calla wanted to crochet so she learned to finger knit~

We have started a few new things and this is one of favorites.
Starting with Ancient History and love the internet linked videos~

 We are also using The Precious People from Jennifer Pepito and made these beautiful depictions of Creation~

We are also using The Mystery of History audio and enriching our study with BF Around the World with Picture Books~

I listened to a wonderful webinar about knowing your children {their strengths and their interests} then planning to suit... also, surrounding them with things that spark love.

This week we ordered EC a stack of fashion design books and to say she has taken off with it is an understatement~
LOVE watching her be creative!!

I have also picked up lots of cute things at the $$ spot at Target~
Here we mixed last years with this year matching ABC clips to felt letters.

We also got these adorable puppets and the shows have been sweet~
Lots of learning!

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