Friday, July 13, 2018

Life Learning~

The blueberries in our neighbor's yard were just right so we grabbed our favorite book and tin pails and headed over to pick~
 We had never seen the bushes so full~
 We listened via Audible to Blueberries for Sal while we picked~
 LOOK at how much we picked in just a few minutes~
 They made delicious additions to our 4th of July desserts!!!

We've begun to gather a few new learning materials including this awesome history book which the boys LOVE~

We made praying hands one morning to remind us of the things we should pray~

Ella continues to find lots of wonderful creatures to hold, observe, and sketch~

Calla will be a tiny Kindergartener this year so Scott brought this little desk home for her to draw at~
 You can tell by her smile how much she loves it!

We are reading a fun book called The Book Scavenger and it spurred us to make Secret Decoders and make messages for each other~

One morning I asked the kids to each give me one thing they thought would be FUN to do for the day.
EC emphatically asked for a BIG project so I grabbed a favored library book~
 Made tracers from a file folder, and they made goldfish~
 Then they were off to the kitchen to add paint~
 While the big kids watched a wonderful interview with the author Maryrose Wood~

After making cute fishbowls, they glued in the fish and just look how cute~

More of EK's collection: beetle preserved in rubbing alcohol~

Two abandoned bird nests~

We found this awesome bin to hold our art supplies and hung our fish~

There was a baby bunny beside our garage one morning and everyone LOVED watching it until it hopped away~

I found a ton of wonderful things at target this week and made a school drawer which the little girls can play school from which we all know is read school and they don't even know it!!!~
 I've also scribbled a little list of the things we want to attend to during our learning time. I'll add a post later of the things we will be using.

One of the best things we found at Target were 8 packs of small bound blank books~
 Everyone got their own pack and have been busy doing their own thing~
SJ's is a secret. Holly drew a machine. Calla drew the lizard.
I'd say that's definitely a WIN!!!

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