Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Finishing Off a Fun July~

Our dog Sadie loves golf cart rides and now she has been jumping up on the seat as if she is a person~
Look at the beautiful yard my amazing husband keeps!!!

We were SO blessed to get to spend the day with the boys while Savannah went to school for the day.
We actually stopped by Target for a little shopping, and they were all perfect~

Back in time for lunch~

There is nothing I love more than watching the boys busy in their space living their best life~
 Their new house is SO perfect, and we love going to visit.

The girls were all due haircuts, so we made appointments at this new salon in town~
 5 haircuts in and hour and half~
 Mimi came to be with us since she works a few buildings down~
 From long and stringy to fresh and healthy~

 While we were at the salon, the boys were enjoying a sleepover with Aunt Susan~
 She spoils them, and they adore her... We ALL do!

The weekend brought a day with ALL the bigs.
We hung out by the pool, grilled, made ice cream,
 And went for a ride on the boat~
 We loved having Hayden with us too~

We also got to take care of our grand dog, Cabot~
 This photo of Rosie and Calla just made me smile all over.
Calla said, "Rosie, will you hold my hand?" :)

My mom and dad have a huge garden as you have already seen, and they are always gifting us wonderful vegetables~
This week after room time, I surprised the kids with a box of butterbeans the GOT to shell for dinner.
Seriously, they thought it was so awesome and ate every single one!!!

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