Friday, April 6, 2018

Spring Break~

I guess we could be considered Year Round Schoolers for a few reasons:
1. We like the rhythm and routine.
2. We like taking breaks all year than a big long one.
3. School is life to us because we are always learning.
4. The things we do for 'school' are actually fun.
5. They are usually doing 'school' things anyway.

SO here are a few things we did in addition to lite schooling this week...
Calla is always being carried by her brothers~

IG pics I took just in one morning~

Two more appliances bit the dust so we had a new stove and dishwasher installed~

We waited for the pool to clear up and played a new game Sam taught us~

We rode on the boat after dinner to watch the sunset~
 Goose island was inhabited by 4 geese and we're pretty sure there was a nest~

Sunsets, beautiful blooms, and feet in the pool~

Videos to learn new crafts~

EK ordered 500 crickets for their geckos so we transferred and she is taking care of them until becoming a meal~

Then it was EK's 13th birthday...

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