Saturday, April 7, 2018

Look at the Teenager~

That's a family joke so the big girls will get it. :)

We can hardly believe Ella is 13 today!

We decided she should be celebrated into the Big Girls' Club so...
  Tuesday evening we took her to dinner in Athens~
 And showered her with Big Love!

We went out to visit the grands since they were on Spring Break too and had a little party again~

Today was the big day so we made a list of the things she loved for the letterboard and made a pound cake per her request which fell horribly so we made a boxed funfetti cake too~

We invited our family over for dinner and cake~

Happy birthday to our beautiful teenager!!!
We couldn't love you more and SO thankful God gave us the gift of your love!
Look at the Teenager!!!

Sissy's gift came few days later and was SO wonderful~

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