Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter is my Favorite Holiday~

Easter is my favorite holiday for so many reasons!

~ Eternity is Sealed with Jesus' Resurrection and our Acknowledgment!
~ Everyone looks forward to the Newness of the season of Spring with new clothes, church, and wonderful meal.
~ Family gathers to just be together.

Our day together was one of the best!

We began breakfast with our traditional Resurrection Rolls and Easter baskets~

We went to early church and came home for photos~

LOVED having all the Bigs and Grands home~

Calla understood so much more this Easter than last~

My beautiful littles~

While lunch cooked and we waited for everyone to arrive, we read this wonderful book and finished our Resurrection Eggs~

After lunch, we had the Hunt~
 And spent the rest of the day outside just being together~

 It was blessed day for sure and SO thankful for Jesus and his gift of salvation, family, and love!

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