Friday, March 23, 2018

Earthworm Gardens, Nature, Library Books, & Pals~

I decided it would be a good idea to clump our school adventures into a weekly post so here is this week's installment.
If you don't care about our school, then skip right over it!

Our Pioneer study led us to an earthworm study and of course we sketched them~

What could be a better way of learning about them than going out to dig for them?
Scott took the crew out and they dug up tons~

We gathered around our outside table to hold, observe, and discuss them~
 We also created this gorgeous earthworm garden with a giant pickle jar~

While I was out, I could not help but photograph dogwood buds and monkey grass blooms~

I'm learning to leave our most used items in view during the week and they are very likely to choose them other times other than school time~
 We placed our jars on the counter with a magnifying glass and it's visited often~

Thursday we spent the morning reading all the library books we chose~
 Lots of them I had put on hold~

The little girls loved Tickle Monster and wanted to make one~

Calla spends tons of time drawing Rapunzel and Evie sewed a pillow all on her own~

Payne was interested so Evie taught him and return, he wrote her penpal letter for her~

Free choice during read aloud was fun this week with all the choices you see here~
Another wonderful week of learning together as Pals!!!

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