Thursday, March 8, 2018

Cows and Such~

Today we read Chapter 2 in On the Banks of Plum Creek for our Playful Pioneers study~
 and our topic for notebooking was Cows.

We used our Farm Anatomy book and watched a few YouTube videos.

We have a lot of experience with cows because my family owns a dairy farm
and I grew up a farm girl.
My dad and brother still run the farm and sell milk.
Scott and the girls go up every other weekend and help feed the calves~
We had good conversations about farming and connections between the story and real life while everyone drew cows in their nature journals~
 I even joined in! Everyone passed the Farm Anatomy book and copied something from it~

Encouraging children to be confident in their drawing can influence so many areas. They are doing so great!

And just maybe Evie will find surgical gloves during rest time and make everyone utters to milk~
Now that's FUN!!!

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