Friday, March 16, 2018

Cattails, Badgers, Beavers, and St. Patrick's Day~

Our week of school was really full!
In our Little House reading we learned about cattails and journaled them~

I decided to pull a few things from the school closet for the kids to explore.
I also created a couple of games with border I bought at the teacher store~
 Little Calla is always ready for the challenge~
 The rest followed~

We also read about badgers and compared to beavers since we think there might be a beaver family at the lake~

Our journal entries~

Often in the afternoons, EK can be found sketching.
Here she is in the afternoon sun streaming into the foyer~

If the kids finish journaling or we have a free day, they love building with the Lincoln logs~

I bought these giant dice for lots of games.
They quickly made up their own and SJ ended up teaching the boys how to multiply~

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with books, videos, sketching~
 And Art~
Full week! Full hearts! Full brains!!!

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