Mimi's Birthday~

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Evie got to go with me for my hair appointment and got her long hair~
 Cut to a manageable length.
She loved it so much~

We arrived home in time to decorate for Mimi's party of taco bar and cookie cake~
We also loved reminiscing over her sweet 26 years with her albums!
Happy birthday Beautiful Mimi!!!

Ben Curtis is Four~

Monday, March 5, 2018

Savannah and the boys invited us out for a Birthday celebration for Ben Curtis at Fernbank Science Museum~
 Who can even believe he is already 4?
We had planned to go to this museum and the kids were thrilled to go with the boys.

Crazy story...
When we were about to get off on Savannah's exit, Evie asked for something in my purse.
NO purse. No money. No driver's license. Panic!
Luckily in this day and time there is Apple Wallet and CFA pre pay app AND my children just happened to have their own money with them and when pooled together, we had enough for the museum plus a couple errands we had to run.
What started out as a disaster, ended completely fine!

Ben Curtis and Will loved the dinosaur exhibits~
 EK loved the shell exhibit~

 Marshall was such a trooper since we went after lunch to avoid field trip groups and he missed his nap falling asleep toward the end in his stroller~

After enjoying the inside, we were thrilled to come out to the natural playgrounds~
It was the best of days celebrating our sweet BC's big day!!!

A Fun Weekend~

Sunday, March 4, 2018

The lake is up SO much and we tried to get the boat ready for the water but~
 It needs work so we took it to the shop and just had a picnic on the dock~
We ate, they played, and it was peaceful!!!

A Grand Few Days~

Friday, March 2, 2018

We had the joy of having the Grand Boys here for a few days~
 It was so wonderful to watch the kids all help out and take care of each other.
 These boys look so much like their Papa~
 Thankfully we had one day of pretty warm temps so they could get outside~
What a joy to have grandchildren!!!