Another Grand Day~

Friday, March 30, 2018

Today we spent the day with the grandloves.
Dad dropped Savannah off at school just like the old days and I enjoyed my day loving the babes~
 Marshall was all over the place pulling up and taking steps~
 I took some books to BC and read, build, and played library~
 Look at this angel baby!
Papa came and all was right with the world! LOVE them SO much!!!

Art and Stuff~

Thursday, March 29, 2018

This week we focused on beautiful art and Easter.
We read from The Jesus Storybook Bible and this a sketch EK did~

I saw this book about Picasso so we checked it out of the library and did a little study~
 We made Picasso pizza for lunch~

A few new book arrived for us to read through the week and we loved opening our Resurrection Eggs morning and evening~

Poetry Tea time becomes more and more something they lead and enjoy more.
I love watching them become more confident and independent to lead each other~

The bitties up early working on 'paperwork'~

A little more Nature time with working to make our yard beautiful~
The kids found an injured bee and created this sanctuary for him.
The next morning he was gone so they were convinced he healed and flew away!
Making the world more beautiful in their special ways!!!

EllaKate Day~

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Ella has been home 12 years today~

We celebrated with dinner at Longhorn's, cleaning the pool, and ~

Our first boat ride~
SO blessed by this beautiful girl who parted time in our family...

Before and After China.

She began the biggest avalanche of Love we could have ever imagined.

Thank You Jesus for placing this Miracle of Love in our family!!!

Happy Forever EllaKate!

Feathered Friends~

Saturday, March 24, 2018

My dad cut cedar off his farm and had it cut into planks.
He gave us some to make bird feeders for our many Feathered Friends~

Scott came up with the design all on his own~

Everyone loved them so we filled them and hung in many trees~

It is one of great joys to watch the birds and look through our books to identify them~
Loving Nature is Loving God!

Earthworm Gardens, Nature, Library Books, & Pals~

Friday, March 23, 2018

I decided it would be a good idea to clump our school adventures into a weekly post so here is this week's installment.
If you don't care about our school, then skip right over it!

Our Pioneer study led us to an earthworm study and of course we sketched them~

What could be a better way of learning about them than going out to dig for them?
Scott took the crew out and they dug up tons~

We gathered around our outside table to hold, observe, and discuss them~
 We also created this gorgeous earthworm garden with a giant pickle jar~

While I was out, I could not help but photograph dogwood buds and monkey grass blooms~

I'm learning to leave our most used items in view during the week and they are very likely to choose them other times other than school time~
 We placed our jars on the counter with a magnifying glass and it's visited often~

Thursday we spent the morning reading all the library books we chose~
 Lots of them I had put on hold~

The little girls loved Tickle Monster and wanted to make one~

Calla spends tons of time drawing Rapunzel and Evie sewed a pillow all on her own~

Payne was interested so Evie taught him and return, he wrote her penpal letter for her~

Free choice during read aloud was fun this week with all the choices you see here~
Another wonderful week of learning together as Pals!!!

Library, Shopping, and the Grands~

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Today we took a day to visit the library since we needed to be a closing with Scott~
 We even got our Easter shopping done!
On the way home, we stopped by to love on our Dove boys and girl~
What a pair of cuties!!!

Spring Break with Rosie~

Sunday, March 18, 2018

We had the most wonderful week having Rosie home for her Spring Break week.
She is amazing in how much time she spends with the kids~
 She spent time outside with them~
 Read tons of books to them~
 And for her celebratory meal she wanted Cracker Barrel~
 Sunday we took a picnic down to our dock and enjoyed being together for her last day~
And I'm not going to lie when I say it was hard to watch her car drive away for her last 6 weeks of college life!
Where have the last 4 years gone?
Love you Rosie!!!

Cattails, Badgers, Beavers, and St. Patrick's Day~

Friday, March 16, 2018

Our week of school was really full!
In our Little House reading we learned about cattails and journaled them~

I decided to pull a few things from the school closet for the kids to explore.
I also created a couple of games with border I bought at the teacher store~
 Little Calla is always ready for the challenge~
 The rest followed~

We also read about badgers and compared to beavers since we think there might be a beaver family at the lake~

Our journal entries~

Often in the afternoons, EK can be found sketching.
Here she is in the afternoon sun streaming into the foyer~

If the kids finish journaling or we have a free day, they love building with the Lincoln logs~

I bought these giant dice for lots of games.
They quickly made up their own and SJ ended up teaching the boys how to multiply~

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day with books, videos, sketching~
 And Art~
Full week! Full hearts! Full brains!!!

Family Parties~

Saturday, March 10, 2018

We celebrated Amelia and Ben Curtis' birthdays together with burgers and cupcakes~

Ben Curtis was SO surprised to see T Rex at his party~

Ben Curtis~ who can believe you are already four???~

That evening we dressed up like princesses and headed to Addie's party~
We had the best day being with family and celebrating sweet birthdays!