Wednesday, February 7, 2018

God Time & Nature Journaling~

At some point during our morning, the kids take time to get ready for the day
and spend time with God (quiet time).
Today I had a little epiphany while having my early morning quiet time to challenge everyone to First Five, Final Five.
I printed out scripture reading lists from HERE and each child placed it in their bible and put their bible at the end of their bed.
When they wake up in the morning, it will be the first book they read and the last at night~
The big kids have definitely ran with it and I help the little girls!
Forming habits at a young age could influence their life even into old age!!!

CNY this year is the year of the dog and this was EK's sketch of sweet Macy~
All the kids chose animals to sketch for their nature journals~
One of our favorite past times!

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