Moss Nature Study~

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Our Nature topic today was Moss.
We read about it but knew the best teacher was nature itself so we all went out searching for moss~
 We used our favorite books to identify all the varieties~

 Our project was to create a terrarium and EK let us use her fish tank~
 Look how beautiful it turned out~
 The little kids took the extra moss and decided to have a moss garden~
We printed the moss photos and cut each one into small pieces so everyone would have one.
We glued them onto a page in our nature journals.
We have that day all recorded!

The Sign of the Beaver~

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

As we have read Little House on the Prairie, the big girls and I have enjoyed a book club together.

EK & I read on our own with our Kindles~
While SJ listened via Audible while reading along with her Kindle.

As we finished chapters, we came together for a narration and discussion.
We made connections and told other stories as well.

As EK came to highlighted passages, she copied them into her keeping journal.
When we finished the book I had SJ give me a complete oral narration
and EK wrote her's out~
I have since typed it out and she has placed in her keeping journal as well.

We loved the story so much and look forward to our next historical fiction afternoon book club!!!

Calla's Procedure~

Calla's scar had keloided quite extensively again so Dr. Williams scheduled us for a revision~
 We arrived about 10 and they checked us in for a 12:30 surgery~
 They finally took her back at 2 and we were pretty done by then.
It went well and as soon as she was awake and eating, they let us go.
She wanted CFA chicken noodle soup so we went to eat and got an ice cream too~

Today was very chill as she recovered from being under anesthesia~
We are very glad to be home with nowhere to go!!!

A Spring Day~

Friday, February 23, 2018

Way back in the fall, EK found a big wooly caterpillar and nestled it into a little special home in her room.
Months and months later, she watched it spin a cocoon and waited to see what it metamorphosed into.
Today she came running downstairs to show us what had emerged~
 She allowed us all the admire and take photos then we all watched it fly away to live its winged life.
LOVE EK's nature heart!!!

We have also been memorizing this beautiful poem that describes how we feel about our yard and each other~
FULL of Hope!!!

A Published Artist~

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Months ago EK drew an entry to be published for Zoobooks magazine.
Today she received a letter and copy of the magazine saying she had been chosen~
 She was super surprised~
We were super proud!!!

Marshall's Real Birthday~

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

We went out to celebrate with Marshall on his real birthday and spent the night~
 It was so wonderful to be there with them~
 We had CFA nuggets and cookie cake~
 We ended the evening with a walk and woke next morning to hang out again~
 My sweet friend Lisa came to visit bearing cupcake decorating and lots of gifts~
 My two grandloves~
 The next day when we got home, everyone spent the morning working on all the things Lisa gave them~

And LOOK at the boys' lego creations~

Waterfall Nature Study~

Monday, February 19, 2018

Our family took a day trip to hike but the road was closed so we ended up at a waterfall to picnic and play in a stream.
 While we were there, Evie asked why the water never stops flowing and we decided we would learn all about the water cycle for our nature study.

We read from the Bible, watched YouTube, and read books~

Everyone grabbed their nature journals to sketch and I typed out what they wanted to remember of our trip~

We added their narration to the sketch~
 Asking children what they want to remember is a great way to get their words written down.
Unit and Nature study go hand in hand!

A Family Day~

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Trying to keep Calla from catching a germ at church, we decided a day outside with family was the perfect idea.
We drove to Curahee Mountain to hike but the road was blocked so we ended up
at Toccoa Falls for a picnic~
 Macy even got to come~
 We loved the falls~
 and most of all playing in the stream~
 Everyone had their walking sticks and I thought this was the BEST photo~
 On the way home, we got those yummy blizzards~
And enjoyed our day immensely!!!

Marshall is ONE~

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Today we were SO excited to celebrate little Marshall's first birthday.
We all dressed in our flannels, did our chores, and drew with new pencils that came in the mail~
Late Valentine's and CNY surprise!

The party was at 4 so we arrived for Marshall to open all his gifts~

We ate pizza and yummy cupcakes~

And MY favorite... PHOTOS~

What a beautiful One Year Old~
We all love you to pieces little sweet boy!!!!!

Math & Writing~

Friday, February 16, 2018

I have been a long time fan of Math U See but I was beginning to see a dread of math and knew it was time for a change.

I didn't do it subtly either.
I ditched it for everyone and switched to Math Lessons for a Living Education
and I can NOT love it more!
What's even better??? My kids don't hate math anymore.
I looked over the placement tests with each child in mind and chose a place to start.
We have 4 levels going right now with EK and SJ pretty independent.
I haven't started Calla yet and just let her play along with what everyone else is doing.
Below is an example of why I love it SO much!
There are real life stories to read together connecting life and math.
This story talked about the family's baby being weighed at the dr... something they have all experienced then it gave them a project of weighing all kinds of things around the house~
They went was over the original project and we even created our own game from it but the point is, the children are enjoying every part of it!

The main thing I have noticed about this change:
Math has become such a natural part of our life now.
The children recognize when something in our daily life connects to something we did in math.
Their overall understanding and ownership of math concepts has skyrocketed!
I can not recommend this highly enough!

And this little girl!
She is SO inspired by her siblings on a daily basis.
The sketch you see to the right of her was drawn by SJ and it inspired little bit to grab her journal and sketch too~
 We find her drawing all the time while Macy sits close by~
Writing and Math are definitely two of our favorite things right now!

President's Day & Valentine's Day~

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Learning at home allows us to learn and celebrate all kinds of wonderful things together!
February is one month we get to do that a lot.
We celebrated Lincoln's birthday with lots of books, sketching, and personal story from Mimi~
 We counted money and built with Lincoln logs!
 A day of unit study is often just what we need to break up the hum drum.

For Valentine's Day we all made Valentine's cards for Daddy
and read the greatest love letter to us The Bible (which we do everyday but it was the perfect time to talk about Our Father's Love for us!)~
 The kids and I highlight in our bibles at least once a week.
They LOVE finding them when having their quiet time and rereading.
What better book to practice reading with than the Bible!!!

We also made mailboxes from paper plates and hung them on our kitchen chair.
It sparked a letter writing frenzy and we went with it!
Let's get them writing any way we can~

We also read The Jolly Postman (a favorite when I taught school) and a favorite now~
Holiday celebrating can be as simple as writing sweet love notes on paper plates at lunch!
All that's necessary is a willing heart to make it happen.