Calla's Procedure~

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Calla's scar had keloided quite extensively again so Dr. Williams scheduled us for a revision~
 We arrived about 10 and they checked us in for a 12:30 surgery~
 They finally took her back at 2 and we were pretty done by then.
It went well and as soon as she was awake and eating, they let us go.
She wanted CFA chicken noodle soup so we went to eat and got an ice cream too~

Today was very chill as she recovered from being under anesthesia~
We are very glad to be home with nowhere to go!!!

Marshall's Real Birthday~

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

We went out to celebrate with Marshall on his real birthday and spent the night~
 It was so wonderful to be there with them~
 We had CFA nuggets and cookie cake~
 We ended the evening with a walk and woke next morning to hang out again~
 My sweet friend Lisa came to visit bearing cupcake decorating and lots of gifts~
 My two grandloves~
 The next day when we got home, everyone spent the morning working on all the things Lisa gave them~

And LOOK at the boys' lego creations~

A Family Day~

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Trying to keep Calla from catching a germ at church, we decided a day outside with family was the perfect idea.
We drove to Curahee Mountain to hike but the road was blocked so we ended up
at Toccoa Falls for a picnic~
 Macy even got to come~
 We loved the falls~
 and most of all playing in the stream~
 Everyone had their walking sticks and I thought this was the BEST photo~
 On the way home, we got those yummy blizzards~
And enjoyed our day immensely!!!

Marshall is ONE~

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Today we were SO excited to celebrate little Marshall's first birthday.
We all dressed in our flannels, did our chores, and drew with new pencils that came in the mail~
Late Valentine's and CNY surprise!

The party was at 4 so we arrived for Marshall to open all his gifts~

We ate pizza and yummy cupcakes~

And MY favorite... PHOTOS~

What a beautiful One Year Old~
We all love you to pieces little sweet boy!!!!!

Valentine's Day & Chinese New Year~

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Our day of love began with love notes from dad all over the house~

I didn't really have anything special planned but with a little creative juices flowing, we made heart toast with pink jelly~
And wrote loved notes on their plates.
 We made love potion milk and ate chocolate roses from Mimi & Logan~

Everyone had a morning of playing while listening to stories~

For lunch I wrote love notes plates again and we read this sweet book together~

We decided to celebrate CNY too with PF Changs for dinner~

Scott and I were SO happy to get a new hot water heater for Valentine's Day and the kids loved it too because of the box~

The kids got red envelopes with a blizzard coupon inside and I took a photo of them with the Year of the Dog Macy~
Celebrations are our favorite and we had a ball!

Trouble and Sweetness~

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Savannah needed us to come keep the boys for her and on the way, our truck tire burst and we didn't get to go~
SO Sad!!!
 We came home to just play and wish we were with the boys~

Scott's Latest Home~

It was so fun to watch this beautiful house go up over the last 6 months~
 Such a beautiful setting on Lake Hartwell~
 Scott and Logan did such a fantastic job~
 Working with the Palmers was such a blessing~
 Their custom choices made the inside so beautiful as well~

 The outside turned out gorgeous~
I hope you will consider Millstone Homes, Inc for your dream house on Lake Hartwell as well!

Lake Hartwell~

Monday, February 12, 2018

We've had a lot of rain lately and went down to the lake to see how much water we had under our dock~
 Our dock was finally floating and we did a little playing and working~
We couldn't get over the ant hill that had been covered in water
and they loved bouncing on the fallen tree!

Dr Appts, Etc...~

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Today we saw Dr. Williams for Calla and she will have another revisional surgery in a few weeks.
We also picked up SJ's new glasses~

When we got home, Evie had another birthday present waiting for her!
She was thrilled~
Thank you Aunt Sissy and Uncle Chris!!!

Savannah sent me these adorable photos of the boys playing outside~
Love them SO much!!!

My Floors~

Needed just a little touch up and turned out even more beautiful!