Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Winter Beach Trip~

The condo just happened to be open for the week we needed a place to hang
so we loaded up and hit the road~
 Seeing snow along the way and made it in time for seafood for dinner~

Everyone slept so good so we schooled a little~
 While it warmed up outside~

It started out pretty cool but we loved it~

It was so wonderful to celebrate PC being home for 5 years~

Sunrises at the beach are my favorite... EC too~

The next day we went out in stocking hats for a little while~

And before we knew it, they were barefooted and jumping tide pools~

 We stayed out all day only in for lunch~
 And ended the day with a foot soak in the hot'pool'~

The next day dad left to go back and oversee the floors so we were at the beach dadless~

 We had a sand creation contest and everyone won~

 We went out for lunch and a Target run~
 Went to a nearby pond to watch the wildlife~
 And long beach walks~
It was a perfect getaway and went home to those beautiful floors you've already seen!!!

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