Rosemary's Grady School Graduation~

Thursday, April 26, 2018

We were so honored to go watch Rosemary graduate from Grade college at The University of Georgia today.

Where do the years go? I'm afraid if I blink the car load below will be graduating too~

We met Hayden there and made it through a good portion of it~

Calla needed to walk around so Mama and I took turns and we were able to see Rosie a little closer~

Especially when she walked across the stage~

It was fun to watch her recessional out of the theater and we got to give her big hugs~
 We loved that Mama and Aunt Susan were there too!

Hayden and Rosie wanted to go to dinner and I was able to get these precious photos~
WOW! Rosie!
My words to you on IG~
Rosie~ from the minute I held you in my arms I knew you were destined for beauty, joy, and love! You are all those things wrapped in hope sprinkling Jesus wherever you go. Today you graduate from The University of Georgia and we could NOT be more proud of you. Our prayer for you is to always align your heart with Him and your path will follow. “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭16:9‬ ‭NIV

Book Club~

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I hosted book club for the ladies on my street tonight and loved getting my house all ready for it!

 When all was ready, Calla raised her arms and said, "Good job Mom!"
I WISH I had taken a pic of my friends but will try to next time!

We loved taking care of Ms. Carolyn's dog Shiloh again this week too~

A Fun Week~

Sunday, April 22, 2018

I LOVE seeing the kids finding their 'interests' and pursuing them during free time~
Ella reading with her Macy & little girls playing school together

We love sitting out on the breezeway snacking and listening to wonderful stories~

Calla LOVES letters and numbers so I set up invitations for her and she plays~

Our pool is slowly clearing up and the yard is quickly greening up~

It's so fun to have a horse right across the street to pet and enjoy without the ownership~

We were SO happy to have Savannah and the boys here for the day.
Marshall is standing up on his own and taking steps~
 Playing games is BC's favorite~
 He also helped us get the outside ready for my friends to come over for book club~

I never know what the little girls are going to dress up like on a daily basis~
Seriously, they pose and ask for a photo session!
Don't ever want to forget!!!!!

Life Schooling~

Friday, April 20, 2018

These are just a few of the highlights from the week.
We love these math stories and just happened to have marshmallows to go with it today~

It's funny how certain themes come around over and over but we are always learning new things.
This time in our study of rainbows, we learned the acrostic Rainbows Over You God's Blessed Vow~
 We sketched what we learned and made a rainbow with light and water.
Calla was really taking it all in~

The next day we learned all about Fish~
 Everyone chose a book with fish in it to sketch and we added silver scales like The Rainbow Fish~

Poetry Teatime is getting more and more fun now that the kids can choose and read their own selections~

In science we learned all about sea turtles, and we just happened to have some shells on our nature shelf to touch and observe~
 The kids all enjoyed a simulation of a sea turtle pulling herself onto the beach to lay her eggs~

We continue to enjoy our Around the World with Picture Books and continue to study China~
 which of course is our Most Favorite!!!

Today was Fun Friday and we celebrated Earth Day early with dirt cups, jokes,
 and painting earths~
 We all decided on a way we could each take care of the earth~
The Life Schooling journey is definitely a beautiful way to spend our days!!!

A Week without Dad~

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Spring Break was all fun and games until Sunday morning when Scott left for a week long business trip.

We were determined to make the best of it with drawing and building~

We listened to a chapter of Plum Creek and researched clouds and storms then sketched~

Other sketches from our reading~

 We enjoyed poetry teatime with goldfish and animal crackers~

The pool cleared up even more, leaves filled the trees, and we bathed the dogs~

We went for walks, played outside, and read in the sunshine~

I came up with a list of verses to use for copywork and memorization~
 Evie is determined to write in cursive and crochets chains all day long~

Thursday our theme was Houses and I strewed a few books for them to sketch from.
Calla chose The Little House and look at the adorable sketch she made~

 The other kids drew anything they wanted~

EK got this huge encyclopedia for her birthday and sketches from it almost every day although this is SJ's sketch of a dragon. She sketched the giraffe above~

Finally it was Welcome Home Dad Day and the kids wanted to surprise him with a dinner picnic~
 He arrived in time to vacuum the pool and grill his own surprise dinner! :)

FUN Friday was so fun with reading What Do You Do with an Idea~
 Everyone drew and painted their favorite Idea~

AND THEN... we headed to the pool!!!~
 IT was FRIGID but they didn't care one bit~

Yesterday we worked in our yard almost all day cutting limbs and burning piles~
 The kids also had a swimming afternoon~
So there you go...
A week without Dad and then a homecoming and fun Saturday with a rainy Sunday for rest.