Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Fridge Fiasco~

We decided to get a new refrigirator since our old one was on its last leg
and boy did we open up a can of worms.
The day finally came for it to be delivered, and we tried to keep a calm schedule reading books together~
 First of one man came to remove our old gigantic one, and it took about 4 men to get it out.
Then when they got around back to unhook everything, the man's leg went through the floor!
Rotten and no way to put in the new fridge that was being delivered at that very moment~
 The installer and delivery men got the new fridge into the house and left
so Scott and Logan could put in a new floor~
 It took all day long and finally about 6pm, the installer came back~
 to put the new beauty in~
SO thankful for a new fridge that has a water dispenser on the front and lots of room for this big eating family.
NOW we have to replace the kitchen floor and who knows what else...
wood floors coming soon!!!

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