Sunday, November 12, 2017

Getting Decorated~

Early evenings full of darkness brings lots of time for games and crocheting~

Early mornings because of the time change brings playing in front of the tree
and SJ making us a delicious breakfast~

We spend more time in pjs too because it saves tons of laundry and it's simply comfy~

We had a surprise weekend with the grandboys so Mill and Logan came over~

They loved all the decorating we were doing~

This year I handed the bins to the kids, and they decorated three of our four trees~
{LOVE they are such big helpers!!!}

My sweet babygrands lost a precious granddaddy while they were at our house.
They are the sweet legacy to an amazing man... Mr. Ben will never be forgotten~
And when everything was back to normal, Calla crashed in my arms for a long nap!!!

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