Sunday, November 5, 2017

Calla's Surgery~

Calla surgery day gave us this gorgeous sky on the way and that smile on the baby~

 She had a late surgery time of 1pm so we had a lot waiting to do while she fasted~

Not once did she say she was hungry or thirsty but kept asking for 'iceakeem' and Trolls~

They finally gave her the loopy juice and took her back about 1:45~
 She came back to us in an hour with the surgeon saying she was the bravest little girl
and would be going home later that evening!

Her surgery went very well and her recovery super smooth,
and we were on the way home by 5:15~
 Went by and got 'iceakeem' right away!
She had a great night and woke up to lots of sibling love~

We were SO blessed to have my sister (nurse) here to keep the kids and dr Calla~
Such a sweet blessing to be together for a few days!!!

Oh and she took SJ to get her own gecko (Anna) 
and came home with 2 more fish for Payne and the little girls~ :)
Excited kids around here for sure!

Calla was so glad to have Rosie home this weekend too~
She is doing amazingly well and we are SO thankful!!!!!
Thank you for all the prayers!

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