A Little Accident~

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Calla was up in her room playing and accidentally ran into the corner of her desk
popping a hole in the stitches that were healing on her chest.
Dr Williams had us back in to take a look and he had to get a few more of the stitches out~
The boo boo has looked worse and worse but now it is starting to heal again.
So thankful she is so brave and full of happiness!!!

The Fridge Fiasco~

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

We decided to get a new refrigirator since our old one was on its last leg
and boy did we open up a can of worms.
The day finally came for it to be delivered, and we tried to keep a calm schedule reading books together~
 First of one man came to remove our old gigantic one, and it took about 4 men to get it out.
Then when they got around back to unhook everything, the man's leg went through the floor!
Rotten and no way to put in the new fridge that was being delivered at that very moment~
 The installer and delivery men got the new fridge into the house and left
so Scott and Logan could put in a new floor~
 It took all day long and finally about 6pm, the installer came back~
 to put the new beauty in~
SO thankful for a new fridge that has a water dispenser on the front and lots of room for this big eating family.
NOW we have to replace the kitchen floor and who knows what else...
wood floors coming soon!!!

Hanging Out with the Grandloves~

Monday, November 27, 2017

Nothing we love more than hanging out with these little loves~

Thanksgiving with Our Loves~

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Today was truly a Thanksgiving blessing to have all our children together~
 They even came bearing delicious food to share!

We filled every seat we could gather in our kitchen and feasted on ham, turkey, and all the fixings~

There is nothing sweeter than the love these siblings and grands have for each other~

Most beautiful children~

Lots of effort in taking just the right photo for Christmas cards~

And ending the day with a walk with Evie and watching her pet horses~

SO many things to be thankful for like this gorgeous sunset and children gathered round the tree wrapping gifts~
 Thank you Jesus for every single good and perfect gift You have given us!!!!!

Thanksgiving Activities~

Our very favorite book for Thanksgiving is Cranberry Thanksgiving, and we always make silhouettes to hang for the holiday season~
 Making the cranberry bread was especially fun because the children were able to make it all by themselves~

A keepsake they will always love~
 When we are ready to take them down, I add them to their art notebooks where they can look through all the ones we have done through the years!

I love this coloring sheet Calla did all on her own one morning~

We are reading Wonder together and copying quotes from this book each day~

And we made thankful turkeys with handprints and leaves off the beautiful tree outside our kitchen door~
Thankful for all these hands!!!

A Happy Thanksgiving~

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite days of the year!
We were so happy to have my side of the family for lunch to celebrate~

The weather was warm and the trees were beautiful and the people especially sweet~

I loved taking a few Christmas photos for Jason and Amy~

Amelia & Logan and Jessie & Peter~

We also loved celebrating Sissy and Amy's birthdays~
There is nothing more wonderful than family gathered to celebrate love, peace, and thanksgiving!!!

This & That~

Friday, November 17, 2017

I found these adorable Little House peg dolls and they have been so fun for playing out scenes in the chapters we read~
 Mama was so sweet to let us borrow her Lincoln Logs and they have loved these too~

EK has been working on her photography of pets and putting them in a scrapbook~
 Aren't they good?!?

And these three are Super helpers because they filled the wood bin all by themselves~
Isn't hard work beautiful???

Happy & Sad~ {Santa Visit}

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Calla's recovery had been amazing!
You would never know she had such a major incision~

Her post op appt went very well and her surgeon thought she was doing great!~
 We thought since we were so close, we should go by and see Santa~
 We also enjoyed our traditional Maggiano's lunch and got to watch major construction being done~

We traveled back to our old church for Mr. Ben's funeral (Josh's Dad)~
Love this photo of their family!!!
A Happy & Sad day but blessings all around!

Getting Decorated~

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Early evenings full of darkness brings lots of time for games and crocheting~

Early mornings because of the time change brings playing in front of the tree
and SJ making us a delicious breakfast~

We spend more time in pjs too because it saves tons of laundry and it's simply comfy~

We had a surprise weekend with the grandboys so Mill and Logan came over~

They loved all the decorating we were doing~

This year I handed the bins to the kids, and they decorated three of our four trees~
{LOVE they are such big helpers!!!}

My sweet babygrands lost a precious granddaddy while they were at our house.
They are the sweet legacy to an amazing man... Mr. Ben will never be forgotten~
And when everything was back to normal, Calla crashed in my arms for a long nap!!!

Fall Schooling~

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

When the weather begins to cool down, we gather in our kitchen and family room more and more.
Our Little House study had us studying animal tracks in our nature journals~

While studying China, we painted CNY dragons~

One morning while working on math word problems, we had a mystery math teacher~

We wrote Halloween stories for Friday Free Write~

Love all the things Calla draws on her own.
This is a drawing of going to doors dressed in princess dresses trick-or-treating~

I am often surprised to see the geckos crawling around on morning work~
 Sweet little Chester and Anna!

More of our Little House study and drawing covered wagons~
Love all things they are learning but mostly how close they are as siblings!!!!
The sweetest part of homeschooling!