Thursday, October 5, 2017

Apples, Pumpkins, Waterfalls, and Harvest Moon~

Even though we had had a sickly week, we decided to head to the mountains just as we had planned.
We left about 9:30 and drove to Bryson's Apple orchard~
 Everyone carried their bucket up the hill, but they all came down in the wagon~
 We fought off the gnats and yellow jackets to pick 7 buckets of apples~
 It was a beautiful morning for picking~

We always drive about 14 miles over a couple of mountains from Clayton, GA to Highlands, NC.
We always stop a couple of times to take in the view~
 Pretty breathtaking~

As soon as we were in Highlands, we drove straight to the waterfall~

There are tiny caves along the way and then we walked behind the fall~

Made it to the other side~

 Someone asked to take a photo of our whole family... made me SO happy!~

With the waterfall done, we headed into town to visit all the shops and many shopkeepers that remember us year to year~

We LOVE going to Highlands UMC to pick our pumpkin and we picked a BIG one~

The day wasn't over because when we made it back to Clayton, GA,
we surprised the children with dinner at The Dillard House (family style, all you can eat)~
 Payne exclaimed, "This is exactly what Farmer Boy's family ate on Sundays!"
So we decided this was our Farmer Boy celebration because we had just finished reading it~
It was wonderful that they got to visit a little Farm Animal Zoo
and what do you know... there were more GOATS than anything.
Wow! I love when things just work out so seamlessly.
It was the greatest ending to a our first Little House book of the series!

And if that wasn't enough, we got to the see the biggest. most beautiful Harvest Moon ever~
So we pulled over, everyone got out and watched it rise in the sky.
This photo doesn't even start to do it justice, but it's something to remember it by!
We love this tradition of our Mountain Day~ This is our fifth year in a row!

Click on the year to see the babies growing up...
Such wonderful memories!!!

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