Halloween 2017~

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Here are a few Halloweens from days gone by~

We traveled to Savannah's for our Halloween fun this year...
our last hurrah before Calla's surgery tomorrow~
 Everyone was so excited, even that little pumpkin baby~

The Doves~

Logan, Amelia, Rosie, and Hayden all came too~

 We had a wonderful time walking the neighborhood together!!!
Happy Halloween 2017!

A Little Strewing~

For the two days we schooled this week,
I just strewed some areas around the house~

 We had a little Halloween party this morning too~
And some people were practicing for trick or treating :)

Weekend Fun~

Sunday, October 29, 2017

I printed a stencil of an owl online, and we carve Hedwig from Harry Potter~

Everyone helped clean out the inside and gather the seeds~
 Cute pumpkin and yummy snack~

Saturday included gathering firewood, vegetable soup, cornbread, strawberry cobbler, and our first fire~

Sunday morning Calla was up extremely early so I gave her a sketching book
and she spent at least an hour creating beautiful art~

Because we were hunkered down until Calla's surgery, we roasted hotdogs
and s'mores over the fire in the family room~
It was super fun weekend!!!

Sweet Days with the Grand Boys~

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Josh was out of town for a week and the boys were a little under the weather
so we went out to spend a few days with them~

We took our school with us and BC joined right in~
 All about maples with Playful Pioneers~
 BC and Calla LOVED all the painting~
 We natured sketched~

Read Ming Lo Moves the Mountain and sketched 3 kinds of mountains~
 Matt 17:20~ I tell you the truth. If your faith is as big as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there.’ And the mountain will move. All things will be possible for you.

The kids had dreaded Wednesday afternoon all week because they had to get fly shots~
Shots went well although SJ came down with a virus
and Thursday, we took Calla for her surgery preop which you can see she was completely happy about!

Birthday Weekend~

Sunday, October 22, 2017

My sister and fam came to town so we celebrated my daddy's 81st birthday and~
Will's 9th! How do you like his birthday fish from Sissy's fam?
Meet our newest fish~ Tiger (orange fish).

We made another chocolate pound cake, ate BBQ, and opened presents~
 What 81 year old do you know with so much brown hair and so handsome?

Little man scored three more Dog Man books and some cash~
It was a great weekend and both birthday boys were loved big!!!


Friday, October 20, 2017

EK has been working feverishly on her BF Horse study to earn money for a pet she's wanted~
Meet Chester~ A Leopard Gecko!
Cute as a Button!

Dentist Visits~

The bitty girls went last Friday and big kids today~
Not a single cavity and that's something to celebrate!
It was Calla's first cleaning, and she was SO excited!
Great dentist visits!

Drs & The Zoo~

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Remember our Joy Jar?
We have added money to it for a couple of months and decided since we had a combination of Will's birthday and Payne's dr appts, maybe we would have enough for a big outing.
The kids spent a day counting, and we had $125!!!
 We talked and decided we would go to Zoo Atlanta so after a GREAT report from Payne's SB specialists and lunch at the Varsity~

We hit the zoo about 12:30 right about the time all the buses were leaving with all the field trip kids~

We had the zoo to ourselves and got to see every single animal without fighting the crowds~

The elephants and Reptile House were the favorites~

It was fun to see how well they followed the map and made sure we saw every! single! thing!!!~

Look at my little baby birds in the nest~

We were SO excited to make it the Panda exhibit but Calla had fallen asleep by then~

They were SO excited to ride the carrousel and the train too~

We finished off a perfect day playing on the playground~

and seeing the flamingos one more time~
We even bought a book and panda for our nature shelf!
It was the best family day ever and LOVE doing life with these amazing kids!!!!!

AND if you live in Ga, you can check out a video about the history of the zoo
and get a voucher for 4 free tickets.
It sure helps a big family like our's!!!

Our School Week~

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Our morning time had a few new things added this week~

We had planned to take the week extra light (because I need to change out clothes for fall),
 but the kids love a routine so we did some copywork~

Saw a fox in our backyard so we had Fox Day~
 Fox nature journaling~

Read pumpkin books and made sun catchers~

And a couple of afternoons, enjoyed iPad time~
Basically we tried to read, write, and math each day!
I'd say that's a good week!!!