Saturday, September 23, 2017

Happy to Be Home~

The first day home was a free day!
Do whatever you want to do kids.
EK chose to spread out all the shells and organize them~
 Friday I hadn't planned to make a big deal out of school but they grabbed their journals for Friday Freewrite~
 AND it was the First day of Fall so I gathered some Fall books, and we went out for a fall scavenger hunt~
 And that caterpillar crawling on Evie's arm was poisonous!!!!! Yikes!!!!!!
We took a photo with our adopted tree and then painted nature prints~

 It ended up being the best impromptu Fall Celebration for sure~
 And this is a little sneak peak into our Halloween plans~

EK and I spend time creating our Curiosity Cabinet with our nature finds~

Sunday was church and Falcon game in our new jerseys (Scott's bd gift to both of us!)~
AND baby Marshall is 6 months old! 
Where does time go???

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  1. I love their trays they work on...such a great idea. And the little girls in smocked dresses is adorable!


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