Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Trip to the Beach~

We were blessed to have a week away at the beach and had planned to leave on Sunday but found out Thursday morning we could go ahead and go so we packed in two hours and hit the road~

We made it about 5:00 just in time to see giant earth movers right outside our condo.
It was amazing to see science: beach reclamation happening right before our eyes.
There were huge pipes pumping sand from ocean floor to beach and building it up about 5-6 feet~
 They worked all night long right outside our balcony, and we didn't sleep very well at all~

There is nothing like watching the sun rise our over the ocean~

We weren't allowed on the beach at the condo, so we loaded up Shug and spent the day at public access~
 We pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves~
 Found some pretty awesome creatures~

This week marked the two year anniversary of when we announced our new baby of the family~
 Just look at her!!!

One of the most beautiful things I kept watching over and over was how they all found something to do
and most of the time it was with a group~

We always went back in for lunch and spent time eating and nature journaling~
 I brought a few books to read, nature journals, watercolor pencils, and math games~
 We schooled and dad napped!

Even first thing in the morning Evie had our her journal working away~

Saturday morning found us heading the other way on the beach to public access with this little cart for beach items (our beach stroller) :)~
 Another day of wide open beaches~
 No where I would rather be than right here with my people just wishing they were ALL here~
 We hit the jackpot on shell collecting~
 The tide pools were AWESOME~

Another lunch and learn of nature journaling~

Back to the beach for the afternoon... RIGHT IN FRONT of the condo~ Finally!!!~
 It was the BEST day of silhouettes and waves~
 Lots of digging~

And THIS was THE photo of the week~
 I LOVE how they all hang out near each other working on whatever their heart desires~

On Sunday we were SO happy to have Sissy and Sam for the day!
We played on the beach, went to dinner, and enjoyed a darling ice cream shop~
 Definitely the highlight of vacation!

More journaling~

Everyone loved playing math games in the mornings~

We had the best weather every single day~
 And if you wonder why I am sharing SO many photos~
 SJ has requested many photos for our blog book~

This is one of our favorite restaurants, and it didn't disappoint~

I loved seeing EK and SJ with their books reading on the beach~

It was also so fun to jump waves with all the kids this vacation!
Even Calla loved it~
 As much as I hate to be in front of the camera, I wanted the kids to remember I was with them :)~

On our last day, God gave us the most gorgeous sunrise~

We had the best week being together taking in the most majestic of God's creation (The Ocean)~
We can NOT wait to go back very soon!!!!!


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  2. Gorgeous photos! Those shells are amazing. Thanks for sharing and thanks for being public again.


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