Thursday, August 10, 2017

Playful Pioneer Study Week 3~

I saw The Action Bible on IG and ordered it for the boys along with the Audible recording~
 And everyone has loved it!!!

Science continues to go very well and we learned about sound waves this week~

One of our chapters in Farmer Boy described planting potatoes~
 So we watched a YouTube video and sketched a potato page in our journals~

 And stamped a potato print on our pages too~

The Tin Peddler came calling to Almanzo's family and it reminded us of Caps for Sale too~
 Everyone copied a passage from the book and sketched the peddler's wagon~

Tuesday was Poetry and Popcorn (with a little Shakespeare thrown in)~

Another chapter in Farmer Boy was A Strange Dog so we read a poem called Animal Story~
 Then drew pets they wished they had along with written descriptions~

to play a guessing game!
 They loved it!!!

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