Sunday, August 27, 2017

Finishing Strong~

We finished up a great week on Thursday with playdough donuts~
 and cute little Dogs with Donuts~

Everyone had great entries for their Friday Freewrite~

Friday is our Cleaning Day. Today I had an epiphany about Chores. Other than laundry and vacuuming the kitchen, we don't do much cleaning during the week. Friday is our day.

Our children earn $1 each on Fridays to help with house cleaning which they tuck away in their wallets. They talk about what they will buy when they've saved up enough. It takes a long time to save up with that wage. Which takes me to my big thought today...

We don't need more stuff and tucking their money away for only themselves might not be edifying a family spirit SO I offered another option...

A JOY Jar (aka cookie jar) where they could save their allowance as a team toward a family outing (zoo, aquarium, or museum). This morning E,H,&C all came down completely ready for the day and I had them drop a quarter in the Joy Jar. After chores, everyone WANTED to drop their allowance in. They even did lots of extra jobs to earn more. They all worked so hard as a team and instead of thinking about themselves, they were thinking about each other. They are welcome to keep their money but no one did.

I'm also going to catch them in random acts of kindness, making wise choices, and working diligently in whatever they do to add to our jar as well.

It may still take us a long time to earn enough money for an outing but there is already $10 in the jar just from today! I'd say that's a win for Family Fun Friday!!!

There are SO many skills being practiced in this adventure. Teamwork as a family being the best!!!

And THIS was the highlight of the day!
Donuts with Dad for a great D week~

Loved seeing these cute pics of Rosie on her 70s Date Night with ZTA~

And the perfect ending for the a great weekend~
A Beautiful Sunset!

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