Happy 56th to Scotty~

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Pretty sure the best birthday gift ever given to this beautiful soul is the beautiful soul sitting in his lap 7 years ago~
Couldn't resist a chance to snap photos of them together!
To celebrate we ate at 5 Guys and yogurt for dessert!
Looking forward to the BIG celebration this weekend with everyone!!!
Happy birthday honey~ you are SO loved!!!

Short School Week~

Focused school that is...

We are taking a more of a rotation with this Reading Morning Basket.
I read through the various things as time permits and next day take up right where we left off~
{History, Poet study, Composer Study, Artist Study, Geography, Shakespeare, various chapter and picture books}

Rosie also picked up this letter board for us where we are displaying a verse from the poem we are memorizing.
I find them reading and touching the words every time they are in the kitchen!

The little girls are enjoying the letter Ee this week so our tray is rolling a die and transferring # of 'eggs' with tongs into the egg carton~

Our books and projects have been Elmer~
 Even the boys asked to make this~

Easter egg Es~

Many egg books and watercolored cracked eggs with animal hatched from their egg~

We also continued Farmer boy with Written Narrations~

Nature is all around us each day.
This week it was all over our tomato plants which are now history!
Tomato Hornworms~

We sketched the worm and moth in our nature notebooks so we would remember next year when to expect their arrival~

Even though our offical school is done for the week,
we are spending a couple of days with the grandsons, and that is the best school of all... Life schooling!!!

Happy ShayleeJoy Day~

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

We have loved this beautiful girl for 7 years now, but it feels like always~

She's as kind and sweet and loving and thoughtful as she looks~

Pure joy and one of our greatest gifts!!! 

Finishing Strong~

Sunday, August 27, 2017

We finished up a great week on Thursday with playdough donuts~
 and cute little Dogs with Donuts~

Everyone had great entries for their Friday Freewrite~

Friday is our Cleaning Day. Today I had an epiphany about Chores. Other than laundry and vacuuming the kitchen, we don't do much cleaning during the week. Friday is our day.

Our children earn $1 each on Fridays to help with house cleaning which they tuck away in their wallets. They talk about what they will buy when they've saved up enough. It takes a long time to save up with that wage. Which takes me to my big thought today...

We don't need more stuff and tucking their money away for only themselves might not be edifying a family spirit SO I offered another option...

A JOY Jar (aka cookie jar) where they could save their allowance as a team toward a family outing (zoo, aquarium, or museum). This morning E,H,&C all came down completely ready for the day and I had them drop a quarter in the Joy Jar. After chores, everyone WANTED to drop their allowance in. They even did lots of extra jobs to earn more. They all worked so hard as a team and instead of thinking about themselves, they were thinking about each other. They are welcome to keep their money but no one did.

I'm also going to catch them in random acts of kindness, making wise choices, and working diligently in whatever they do to add to our jar as well.

It may still take us a long time to earn enough money for an outing but there is already $10 in the jar just from today! I'd say that's a win for Family Fun Friday!!!

There are SO many skills being practiced in this adventure. Teamwork as a family being the best!!!

And THIS was the highlight of the day!
Donuts with Dad for a great D week~

Loved seeing these cute pics of Rosie on her 70s Date Night with ZTA~

And the perfect ending for the a great weekend~
A Beautiful Sunset!

Morning Time~

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Another tool we use almost everyday is these Sketch books to sketch and write about nature. 
Laurie Bestvater writes in The Living Page, "Some of the most amazing of the world's treasured artifacts and ideas have come from notebook Keepers." 
I want my children to love Notebook Keeping and we make it one of our habits. 
Keepsakes for sure~

The little girls are enjoying the letter D this week so we read The Golden Rule
and talked about Good Deeds.
They also traced Ds and covered them in Dots~

We listened to Farmer Boy and they sketched in the sketch books described above~

We also read about Abraham Lincoln, some poetry & Science, and worked on handiwork~
 A beautiful morning!

A Natural Diver~

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

You can't teach this form~
She's a natural!

Happy Solar Eclipse Day~

Monday, August 21, 2017

We have looked forward to this day for such a long time, and we had a party~
 We bought all kinds of treats and I made Solar Sandwiches~

 We were out by 1 watching the sky and waiting by the pool~
 It was truly amazing to be in the path of totality and not even have to leave our house to watch.
Seriously we swam until the moment it would happen completely speculating what would happen.
It was beyond our wildest thoughts!!!~

 Not pitch dark but at least 9pm dark, quiet with loud cicadas, significantly cooler, and complete eclipse to observe~
We were beyond amazed~
SO cool to witness how creative and genius God is!!!

This and That~

Saturday, August 19, 2017

One of my favorite things that keeps us organized for school are these awesome rolling carts from IKEA~
 I also put a few games from the $1 spot at Target in spice canisters.

EK is a great dog sitter and recently earned some money keeping Cabot so AFTER she wrote her Horse Report, I let her buy a new Breyer horse~

We learned a new handicraft this week by watching YouTube videos~ Finger knitting~
 I was seriously amazed they picked it up so quickly!!!

A few sweet moments of the week~

I also made an alphabet/sight word game called Star~
Pull a stick, read it and keep. If you pull a Star, you get another turn.
The winner is the one with the most sticks.
Even Calla LOVES it!!!

Space School~

Friday, August 18, 2017

With the upcoming Solar Eclipse, we spent the week Space Schooling.
Here are a few of the things we did...
I found this ebook online from the publisher of our Science and we followed it for a couple of days~
 Making mobiles of the eclipse.
We also read lots of Space books and painted crayon resist space art~

Payne is a space nut so this was the greatest week of his life!
We learned so much from the many YouTube videos we watched and recorded ideas in our nature journals~

We were excited to get our solar glasses~

For Friday Free Write, we did a little art project and they wrote what they knew about solar eclipses~

It was a GREAT week and Monday is going to be awesome!!!!!