Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Peaceful Preschool~ {Letter A}

Even thought EC & HM are in first grade this year,
I am choosing to do The Peaceful Preschool with them and CA~
 It is heavy on literature and projects (exactly what EC LOVES!).
We read lots of books, painted apple trees, finger painted letters As~

I moved the listening area into the family room and it spurred new interest~

We heard a story of the secret star hidden inside of an apple, ate apple snacks, and painted apple prints~
 as well as a tissue paper apple~

We also baked Apple Crisp and I am SURE this was the favorite thing of the whole week~
 One of the skills is getting familiar with measuring spoons and cups so I added them to our macaroni bin~

I also set up a few invitation trays for them to find in the mornings when they woke up~

 We read a lovely book Mr. Peabody's Apples that was one of the juiciest conversations we had all week~
It hits on the damage of spreading rumors... kind of like the sour taste a Granny Smith apple leaves in your mouth.
I think it's so important for children to read about all kinds of ideas in books
as an introduction into situations they could find themselves in one day.
This was a great one for Character study for sure!!!

I also made up a little math game with some things I had in our school closet:
foam pages and Tenzi dice~
The directions were to line the cards into number order, spill all the dice on the floor, then match them to the correct number.
It ended up being a sort of graph and we had great conversation about this too!

It was a great week and the reason I know...
They can't wait for B Week!!!
I highly recommend this study to anyone wanting a literature based early literacy plan!!!

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