Saturday, July 29, 2017

Playing, Grandloves, and My Favorite Book~

Calla continues to grow and adjust to everything around her.
If she sees one of the other kids busy with a task, she wants to do it too~
Making Potholders and Play with MUS Blocks

EC has really taken off with the looming as has everyone!
The photo on the right was such a heartwarming moment.
Evie looked up and said Will was teaching her to read~

We were thrilled to go out to love on the boys for Savannah on Monday.
They were SO sweet and look how much they have grown~

I saw this book on Amazon while browsing for a new book and immediately bought the Kindle version.
I was about halfway through and decided I HAD to have it on my bookshelf!
It most definitely will be my top book of 2017 and will read again for sure!!!~

We continue to spend every afternoon and lots of mornings lately in the pool.
Here are 6 of them on the same tube~

Mama has been bringing Max, Addie, and Slate down to swim each morning~
And I think it's clear how much everyone loves it!
Including me and Mama!!!!!

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