Friday, July 28, 2017

Pioneering, Nature, & Horse Study~

As we continue our Playful Pioneer study, the kids continue to love weaving
so we added some beautiful scans of yarn~

Just in the last week EC has gone from 'I can't draw' to 'I am really great at drawing!"~
This Nature Connection book was one we had on our shelves but I hadn't put much emphasis on it.
It has been a great catalysis for the great boost in self confidence~
And I plan to use it through the year with our nature journals.
It is divided into months so very easy to follow!

EK continues with her Beautiful Feet Horse Study.
We read the books together and she does the work independently.
Here she is drawing for fun one of the illustrations in the book~
Definitely going in her Art Notebook~

Mornings continue to be such a sweet time for the little girls.
Here EC is teaching the others school and they complete their Explode the Code Notebooks where I had written $5 secretly.
They each get this reward for finishing it and another is already on the way~

As we continue with our Peaceful Preschool Study, our letter was B and we focused on Butterflies and Bunnies.
They made bunny puppets and put on a puppet show for us~

The chapter in Farmer Boy this week are all winter ones so we studied winter in July~
Our science project was to create ice excavations so they all froze an animal in a block of ice then excavated using warm salt water and a paintbrush.

For Friday Free Write, I had them write a science report explaining what we did~

 Don't you just love EC & HM's 'fancy' handwriting?~

Our yard continues to be full of nature study~
 We have a huge moth nest up in our trees so the kids stand under and watch each day.
Our butterfly bush is covered in butterflies so they are captured, observed, and released to fly away.

We've had a great week and can't wait to see what comes along next week!!!

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