Friday, July 14, 2017

Little Girls and Big Things~

Three little girls sure make our days brighter around here!
Someone's always sitting on top of Macy~
 and meeting us right at daybreak to start the day~

Big things would be this BIG mess we've had for a while waiting for our new bookshelves to be installed~

And today was the day!!!
I have to say I cried when I walked around the corner for the first time~

As soon as the cabinet builder left, EK and I worked until evening getting our books shelved~
Trim will be added to give the shelves a built in look!
Calla walked in to say, "We have a Li-Berry!"
I have dreamed of floor to ceiling bookshelves forever!
Now we can enjoy a beautiful reading room with all our books in one place!!!

1 comment:

  1. Love the book shelves and those sweet bitty girlies!!!!!! My littles are my early birds Corbin, Cora, Mia and Teagan. My teens not so much. LOL


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