Friday, July 21, 2017

A Week of Wonderful~

Setting the expectation before they rise and shine is key whether you homeschool or not. 
Have a plan or the plan will be made for you.
Every morning I set the table with our Bible/Hymn study and clipboards~

It has been such a wonderful month learning our hymn: It Is Well.
This week I read All is Well as we discussed what it means in our own lives~

The bitty girls' tray work included:
Tenzi Number Match, Sorting and Matching Bugs, Building ABCs~

We began B work with Bears and Butterflies using our new The Peaceful Preschool study~
 For the butterflies, we traced a B on the fold of our paper, opened to squeeze paint, then pressed to create symmetry.
Once it was dry, we closed to cut on the lines to create a B Butterfly~

We also continued our Playful Pioneers study as well.
On Monday I had them find a passage in a favorite book to copy for writing~

One of the chapters in Farmer Boy was about Almanzo's birthday so they wrote about their favorite bd memory~

Hands down our favorite activity all week was Weaving from a Loom~
 I remember making these in 5th grade too!
They worked all day long and by evening, they could start a new project
and add new string as they worked~
 It is a favorite past time around here for sure!

For Friday Freewrite, I had them write a passage about a winter memory to go with their winter art project~

I laminated all the art from the week, and they loved adding it to their Art Notebooks~
It was a wonderful week of study and can't wait for what's coming up!!!

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