Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Chasing the Spark, Movie Time, and Frogs~

Much of the best learning cannot be proven, measured, or easily demonstrated. The kind of encounters that form our children's hearts, minds, and souls occur as they come in contact with great books and learn to ask hard questions- and their minds are trained to think logically and well. ~ Teaching from Rest (Sarah Mackenzie)
 I am the queen bee of rabbit trails and chasing sparks. 
Today we were reading history from two books and read about the Pope in Columbus' day. 

Ek asked about the Pope. I
t was just natural to chase that spark. 
None of it planned but everyone was engaged and learned much while making connections~
 I want to encourage anyone reading this that curriculum is not what drives our children to learn. 
It is their interests and chasing the spark they ignite. 
Reading good books and answering their questions~
 The spark today was a question about the Pope➖Pope Francis➖Argentina➖The Vatican➖Rome. 
Talked about Amelia going to live in Rome for a summer and watched several YouTubes. 
It was a GREAT rabbit trail and don't care we didn't get to the other books I had stacked.

We even had ingredients in our fridge to make our own pizzas too!!! You get the picture. .

We finished reading Charlotte's Web so we enjoyed a movie afternoon~

And we wonder why our pool is green with algae???...
Could it be all the frogs and turtles we keep finding in there?
These two just can't get enough of it!!!!!

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