Friday, June 30, 2017

Lots of Swimming~

It has finally gotten HOT here so we are spending lots of time in the pool~
 We had so much fun with Max, Addie, and Slate too~
Really don't know what we do if we didn't have a pool!!!

Chasing the Spark, Movie Time, and Frogs~

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Much of the best learning cannot be proven, measured, or easily demonstrated. The kind of encounters that form our children's hearts, minds, and souls occur as they come in contact with great books and learn to ask hard questions- and their minds are trained to think logically and well. ~ Teaching from Rest (Sarah Mackenzie)
 I am the queen bee of rabbit trails and chasing sparks. 
Today we were reading history from two books and read about the Pope in Columbus' day. 

Ek asked about the Pope. I
t was just natural to chase that spark. 
None of it planned but everyone was engaged and learned much while making connections~
 I want to encourage anyone reading this that curriculum is not what drives our children to learn. 
It is their interests and chasing the spark they ignite. 
Reading good books and answering their questions~
 The spark today was a question about the Pope➖Pope Francis➖Argentina➖The Vatican➖Rome. 
Talked about Amelia going to live in Rome for a summer and watched several YouTubes. 
It was a GREAT rabbit trail and don't care we didn't get to the other books I had stacked.

We even had ingredients in our fridge to make our own pizzas too!!! You get the picture. .

We finished reading Charlotte's Web so we enjoyed a movie afternoon~

And we wonder why our pool is green with algae???...
Could it be all the frogs and turtles we keep finding in there?
These two just can't get enough of it!!!!!

Moments to Cherish~

I don't know what I would do without SJoy!
She is quick to help in any capacity, but the kitchen is her favorite~

Loved catching this moment with Calla and her daddy~

We LOVED having Jessie home for a visit all the way from Iowa~

Blueberries are ripe so of course we had to pick~

Some mornings and most afternoons you can find SJ deep in her book~

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons. ~Unknown 

Spending tons time in the pool and eating popsicles~

There is just something beautiful when they are both able AND willing~

And the sunsets are the perfect endings to long summer days~
And that sweet husband still going until dark keeping our yard beautiful!

The Grandboys~

Monday, June 26, 2017

A huge happy Father's Day to Josh too!
We are SO thankful for you and those presh Grandboys!!!~

Savannah sends me adorable photos of them all the time~

We were so excited to get a day with them and they were perfect~

I was surrounded by 9 loves and it was glorious~
Can't wait for the next visit!!!

31st Anniversary~

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

31 years ago two kids made a promise of forever love. How has it lasted and grown?

One simple thought! Putting the other person first (and he does it WAY better than I do!) and dying to self every day.

I'm sure there are people that would argue {If we do this, we lose ourselves}. 

Maybe that is the point and maybe we find our purpose. 
It's NOT the easy road either. 
It's the blessed one.

 I want my whole life with this one man I chose 31 years ago. 
For better or worse. 
For richer or poorer. 
Originals, miscarriages, still births, adoption, 10 kids. 
For as many years as God has us on earth.

We could never have imagined this life but giving it to God every single day has led us to this anniversary.

Thank you honey for loving me even when I don't deserve it. Just like Jesus! That's the difference. It's all about Jesus.

This life.
This marriage.
This man.

I'm SO thankful!!! Happy Anniversary Scotty!!!
Our big girls/boys gave us a gift card to Stoney River for Christmas. 
We could never find a time to go so saved it for our anniversary. So glad we did! 
Savannah kept the kids, and we had a dinner date. Spent time remembering 31 years of Everything Beautiful!
 Love our life honey!!!

Blueberry Picking~

Monday, June 19, 2017

Every year about this time the blueberries are ripe and we HAVE to pick!
We always pull out Blueberries for Sal and added our Food Anatomy book~
 Then we were off to pick in rainboots~
OH AND swimsuits of course!!!

Father's Day 2017~

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Marcia and Chris were here for the weekend so we celebrated Pop Saturday evening~

And Scott all day Sunday.
We began with a pancake breakfast, went to church, and after lunch let him catch a Sunday nap~

Later we were invited to Amelia and Logan's to grill out~
 Their home is perfect and felt so welcoming to even a big ole' family like our's!
Here's to OUR HERO!!!
We couldn't love you more and think you're the greatest day and husband ever!!!!!

Nature is Our Heart~

Friday, June 16, 2017

I guess if we picked one thing EVERYONE loves it would be nature.
They can find so many things to fill their time like...
repainting their horses~

Playing with plastic animals and looking them up in a field guide~

Just a few of the read alouds we have been reading while they play or paint~

Drawing in Nature Journals is also one of our favs!
We saw this cool art technique to outline the drawing with WASHABLE markers then paint with water on top~

Evie and Will are working on Reading Eggs each day~

Everyone working although I'm considering moving their desks back to their rooms~
Nature is our Heart!!!

Horse Painting~

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

EK & SJ have been on a horse painting kick lately~
and they are pretty awesome at it too!!!

Bear Hollow Wildlife Zoo~

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

We met Savannah and the boys at Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens~

 The boys were so sweet and we LOVED being with them~
 Ella is looking more and more like a Big~

 We all ate lunch together, ran a few errands, then home for an afternoon of swimming plus watermelon.
These five also scored new swimsuits since we pretty much live in them during the summer~
 For dinner we grilled shrimp and it was SO YUM!!!~
It was a wonderful day but ended with Evie running a fever... not sure what that's about but it's all good!!!

Bear Hollow Wildlife Zoo~

Today we met Savannah and the boys at Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens~
 We loved seeing all the rescue animals and reading their stories~

 Shaylee was our personal tour guide reading all kinds of information~

 It was wonderful to be there with the boys~

 Ella seriously is becoming a Big~
Sorry for all the animal photos but the kids will want them in their blog book~
 It was a beautiful day to be with my people~

A great little outing for about an hour and half... we will be back for sure!!!
Mostly because it was FREE!!!!!