Afternoons Pour into Mornings~

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Afternoons after snack, the kids head outside to play outside and swim.
Today Evie was out in the backyard catching tiny frogs and happened up on a snake skin taller than her~

She also saved a butterfly from the pool so everyone wanted to measure the snake skin and butterfly wingspan~

 The next morning we chose a nature book to draw from~

and drew all the wonderful things we have found in our yard~

 Nature Journals~
It will be so wonderful to look through these beautiful journals one day when they are big!!!

Morning Trays~

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I have been putting out new activities about twice a week on the white trays~
 This week it was ABC building, matching beginning sounds, and puzzles~
The little girls go right to them when they wake up each morning.
It gives them something productive to do when breakfast is not quite ready!

Memorial Day~

Monday, May 29, 2017

The day started off pretty slow~
We loved having mama, daddy, and Jason's family down for swimming and grilling~
Thankful for all who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!!!

Our Little Fish~

Saturday, May 27, 2017

There is no one that LOVES the pool as much as Calla~
Mainly because her sibs are endlessly helping her and she wants to be just like them!



Pool Probs Solved~

Friday, May 26, 2017

I had a friend with a big family and a pool ask how we managed wet towels and swimsuits
so I thought I would share on the blog too.

Scott found an old door in his dad's shop and brought it home to add 4 hooks and top and 4 at the bottom~
Every day when they swim, we share towels and they are hung to dry along with wet suits.
We sometimes wear the same one 2-3 days in a row... the towels too!

When I finally bring it all in to launder, I have a chest beside my dryer where I STUFF all the suits~
and pile the towels.
I figure there is no need to fold when they will be used by the end of the day.
IF we are having company, I tidy it up {otherwise}, I have way more important things to do!!!

Playing to Learn~

Thursday, May 25, 2017

How do children learn the alphabet, sounds, and to read the easiest?
Playing to Learn.
I wrote all the letters on a dry erase board and told the girls all the baby letters needed their mommy
so they matched them all quick as could be.
Setting up invitations for them is all it takes!!!

Nature Friends~

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

These are a few of the nature friends EK has enjoyed over the last week~
 Moth, Turtle, and lizard~

Lots of conversation spurred by these friends!!!

A Day with the Boys~

HaPpY Birthday to Josh!
He and Savannah planned a day together and we got to spend the day with the boys~

Since it was a school day, I brought along a little drawing game called Pick and Draw.
BC was right in the middle, picking only the green cards~
 Calla wore herself right out~

Savannah and Josh went to a Braves game so we got to spend the night too.
LOVE seeing Calla and BC as best buds!!!~

More schooling~
 Look at the cute drawings they did~

Adored every single minute and so did everyone~
One of the greatest joys of my life!!!

CallaAnne Day~

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How has it been a year already since they placed Calla in our arms?
Here a few of the highlights of our trip to get her~
 Landed in Nanning with new friends {Catherine & Blake} with one day to spare~
 CallaAnne Day was so wonderful. She came right to us and never cried~
 We took her back to the hotel and let her begin getting to know us~
 Day 2 was all about signing For Real papers~
 Just look at our precious baby~
 We loved our days in Nanning even though the heat was crushing.
It was very hard to leave Calla's home behind but it was time to get to Guangzhou~
 The best part of Guangzhou was Elvin, our guide!!!
Calla was very sick all week with a mystery fever and he was wonderful to help us~
 As the week wore on, she became sicker and sicker~
We were SO proud of Evie and Holly on the trip. They were definitely BIG sisters!!!

To celebrate we let Calla choose something special and she wanted to watch Trolls~
 Mill came over for a little while and she helped me get a cute pic of the baby~

R E D E E M E D~
I am redeemed, You set me free 
So I'll shake off these heavy chains 
And wipe away every stain now I'm not who I used to be 
I am redeemed…
{Big Daddy Weave}
When I remember the little girl we swooped into our arms a year ago and watch her videos, I can see glimpses of who she is now. Love covers a multitude of pain in the cocoon of family.

*Once so sick with infection, now she is well~ {many specialists and appts}.
*Once so sad from abandonment, now she is secure~ {picked up every single time she melted into a tantrum}.
*Once so scared from trauma and unable to fall asleep, now she sleeps in her bed with sisters close by~ {many hours being held, sleeping with us, or sitting by her bed until sleep won}.
She's come so far and yet so far to go. In my experience until our sweet ones have been HOME longer than not, they may question if this love is forever.
It's forever little Calla baby~ we adore and love you always. Even on our worst day together, you are worth it and redemption looks beautiful on you!!!

Art Monday~

Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday we love using our Picture Study Portfolios from Simply Charlotte Mason
and this week we studied a painting by Vermeer which lead to a discussion about treasure.
The kids remembered a song we have sang from Hide 'em in your Heart CD~
So we sang the song, copied the scripture in our journals, then drew a treasure~
we love with all our hearts... home, family, and Jesus. :)
We hang each print as we go along and they can name every one from Vermeer, Van Gogh, Monet, and Millet.


SJ dressing up with the little girls~
 Playing instead of schooling~
 Calla baby~

Lots of Yard Work~

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Exercise is SO good for the heart, soul, and mind especially when you watch the sun come up over your house~
The bitty girls went with us to the nursery for new plants~

We continue to get rid of the big and old~

and plant with new plants~
 It's hard work but feels so good for a clean slate~
Down the front of the house we go!

Activity Trays~

Friday, May 19, 2017

Activity Tray today was stamping farm words into play dough... 

Which spilled into many other words and everyone coming over to stamp.

Offering invitations is the key to interest. 

Placing it on a tray and not saying a word, 

is almost like a dare or bribe~ they always take the bait!!!

Grand Loves~

An appointment in Atlanta means time with the Grand Loves~
Isn't Marshall Man growing?

Exactly Why I DON'T Plan~

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Yesterday after breakfast we read our Story Bible about David and the Giant.
We are also memorizing Psalm 23 and sang some worship songs~
When Evie suggested we measure how tall Goliath was~
Using a tape measure we marked his height then all the children, me, Scott, and Josh!
Then they drew him with all the things he carried to fight.
We converted his height into yards and inches as well as how much taller he was than all the people we measured.
It was a GREAT bible, math, and art experience all rolled into one!

We went back in to explore the Bible App for Kids~ Stones, Slings, and Giant Things.
They hear the story read to them, answer questions, and able to play games after that~
Even the baby can play!

We moved on to our sunroom for math and clipboard work then
an Activity Tray for the little girls.
I printed farm animal pictures for them to build words, play memory, and make little books~

Everyone came back together for Charlotte's Web read aloud, copy work, and Wilber painting~


I sat watching this baby water coloring a pig while listening to Charlotte's Web and could scarcely take in the miracle I've witnessed over the last year.

The 23rd is Calla Day. The day she crawled into our arms a little caterpillar and through a year of cocooning, we have watched a baby butterfly emerge.

It's beautiful! She's worth it. And there are millions more just like her waiting for their forever too~

We read lots of other read alouds as well as independent reading.
Exactly why I don't plan...
I couldn't plan this much beauty!
Thankful God helps make it happen.