Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday: First Day~

Ended yesterday with a beautiful sunset and then gorgeous sunrise this morning~

We headed out about 9:30~
 Calla was all smiles and busy copying whatever the big kids were doing~
 EK found a Brittlestar right away~

My greatest goal for photo op was recreating this photo on the left take in 2015
when we announced we were adopting Calla.
Scott helped me set up the shot, and we LOVED having our real baby in the photo~
 Evie was all about finding handfuls of tiny shells filled with crabs~

 It was such a sweet sight to see Evie and Holly helping Calla feel safe~

 We went in for a quick lunch then back out until 3pm.
Calla loved every minute~
 We went to dinner and look who wanted to sit with the big kids~
Calla, you are growing up!

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