Hanging out the Laundry~

Sunday, April 30, 2017

I had bought some bags of letters and numbers from the $1 spot at Target
thinking I would thing of something to do with them.
This morning I hung up 'clotheslines' and made corresponding clips~
 They had fun working together to~
Hang out the Laundry!!!

Family Birthday Party for May Birthdays~

When you have as many birthdays as we do, it may be time to celebrate the family party as a group.
That's what we did for Payne, Holly, and Calla today!
Everyone came over about 3 for gifts~
 This was Calla's first birthday party ever I'm guessing and her first one home.
She peeled the tape for her gift and opened in her own time~

We had cake and ice cream out by the pool~

Then more gifts~
and swimming.

It was a beautiful day of celebrating three very precious May birthdays!!!

Popsicle PaRtY~

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Science in the Backyard~

While we were at the pool today, two big snakes wriggled out of the bushes
(mating as EK announced)~
 leaving their skins behind for the kids to pick up and bag~
They have not been spotted since but am sure eggs will be deposited and there will be more.
The good news is they are helpful snakes so we don't mind them
IF they stay in the bushes!!!

A New School Area & Independent Learning~

I am hoping Scott is going to have floor to ceiling bookcases built in our living room
so we moved our desks into the sunroom and LOVE it~
 Everyone was so excited to have new work spaces, they pulled out journals and went to work.
Calla drew a circle, colored it blue, and said, "Pool".

Evie found this dead dragonfly on the driveway and wanted to tape in her journal
then write about it~
 She drew and copied just like the big kids!

LOVE our new school area!!!!

My Kitchen Helper~

Friday, April 28, 2017

SJ always helps me in the kitchen even without being asked!
We are ALL SO blessed by her!!!

Friday Free Write~

EK & SJ~

Will & Payne~

Holly & Evie (cursive:)
Good job kids!

Learning to Read~

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Evie wants to read so much and really is ready for two reasons:
1. She's asking to learn.
2. She knows her letters and sounds.

I ordered two things:
1. Reading-Literature: The Primer
2. Moveable Alphabet

We took a picture walk through the first story, The Little Red Hen
then echo read it.
Picture Walk is when the child tells what might be happening from the pictures. Echo Reading is adult reads a line and child reads back. 
 I made her word cards from the story and she built them with the moveable alphabet then read to me.
Calla wanted in on the action so we worked on making her name~
Each day we have added to our word making, and Evie is learning to read in her own time!

Waiting for them to ask is a beautiful way for children to approach a new adventure... just like riding a bike and swimming.

Happy Birthday Logan~

24 years old and we celebrated with a little birthday breakfast!!!

GrandSon Day~

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We were so happy to go out and spend the afternoon with the boys while Savannah did a little errand running~
 So amazing to see how much Marshall is growing and how mature BC is getting!
LOOK at this angel face~
 The kids always have SO much fun playing together~
 Calla got to hold Marshall and play with her BFF, BC
then Savannah had a little surprise birthday party for the three May bd kids~
Cupcakes and gifts made this day all kinds of fun!!!
Thanks Nana for having us out for the best Wednesday!

A Rabbit Trail~ (pun intended)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This morning we read another chapter in a little book we have been reading, Little Pear and the Rabbits
and the chapter was called The Singing Cricket~

We began our Poetry Time and everyone began looking for cricket poems
 because we had been comparing this chapter to Cricket in Times Square~

Which prompted EK to pull her animal books and Evie wanted to draw one
so we found a You Tube video to watch~
 So what started as just read aloud rabbit trailed to poetry, science, art, and nature journaling~

Beautiful crickets kids!~
 Rabbit Trails are pretty awesome!!!

Life Lately~

Sunday, April 23, 2017

After Easter photo shoot, Evie attached her little play camera to my tripod
and took her own photos~

 Savannah knows I love daily photos of the boys... just look at adorable Marshall~

New obsession at the pool is blowing bubbles~

We had a death in our family and my aunt/uncle came for a visit... see who showed out?~

I needed to drop off something at a lady's home from our church,
and she invited us in for refreshments then a walk down to the lake~

Friday after a few school items, we spent the rest of the day playing, reading~

and working in the backyard~
 We transplanted many plants and put out tomato plants~
 Worked poor Scotty to exhaustion but our yard looks SO much better~

Lots of celebrations for our big girls:
Savannah and Josh celebrated Marshall turning 2 months.
Amelia and Logan celebrated 6 months of marriage.
Rosemary celebrated Hayden's 21st birthday~

We had a terrible thunderstorm one morning and Calla climbed right into Will's arms~
AND Evie decided she was tired of a big wiggly molar so she pulled it right out herself!
That's a week of Life Lately!

Science and Nature~

Friday, April 21, 2017

Most likely you can find us reading lots of Science and nature on Wednesday and Thursday~
 Our spine for Science has continued to be interesting and then springing from there with the books to the right!

This week we printed a crab to label parts, watched A House for Hermit Crab~

I keep all our Science books in a tray on the hearth for reading whenever they choose~

I like keeping a record of their Friday Free Writes so here they are~

Brave Heart~

Monday, April 17, 2017

All the kids got a chocolate bunny and new float in the Easter baskets so today they tested them out~

and this little Brave Heart was found swimming around the whole pool on her own~
I'd say it's shaping up to be a glorious spring and summer!!!

My Brave Heart!!!

Easter 2017~

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter began with baskets and early church~
 We came home to prepare lunch and hide the eggs while the finders watched on~
 It was a beautiful blessing to have all our bigs and families here for the day~
 Family photos are always a must~
 The egg hunters~
 Family is everything~
We certainly missed Sissy and Jessie's families!!!
A beautiful Easter and couldn't be more thankful for the people who celebrated an empty tomb and Jesus with us!
Happy Easter to everyone!!!