Friday, February 24, 2017

Marshall Lee Dove~

Not sure how Savannah's pregnancy flew by so quickly,
but Monday she went to the doctor for checkup and they sent her straight to the hospital~.
We jumped in our car and hurried to spend the night with BC~
 Josh left for the hospital while we got dinner ready then everyone to bed.
About 7:30 he texted me I had better head to the hospital and it's a good thing I did
because baby Marshall Lee Dove was born at 8:40pm.

I was grateful to be with Josh and Savannah as he was born... what a miracle!!!
Labor and delivery was extremely fast and Marshall arrived safe and sound~

He was immediately placed skin to skin with Savannah
and after an hour or so, taken to the newborn bed for weight (7lbs,13oz) and height (21in)~
 Josh and I followed him wherever they took him, and I took tons and tons of photos~
 He had the most wonderful cry and sounded just like Ben Curtis~
 Looks just like him too~
 I was SO happy they allowed ShayShay to hold him too~
 The next morning we were glad to see Amelia~
 Their first family photo and Rosie brought EK and SJ to visit~
 We ended up bringing BC home with us for the night~
 Then back out to welcome his baby brother home~
 Sweet Marshall... SO glad to be home~
 We brought BC home with us again for the rest of the week and he fits right in~
 Even during school~
 Savannah has kept us in photos and I can barely stand the sweetness~
 We LOVE having BC here with us~
And imagine the day when they are both here hanging with the crew!!!
Welcome to the family Marshall Lee Dove!
You are SO loved!!!


  1. I am so excited for you all! He is beautiful! Did Savannah tell you I popped into her room about 2 weeks ago? I was so excited to see her! Much love to you all!

  2. Such a beautiful grandson !!!! He does look like his big brother and I know he is as loved as Ben Curtis. Such blessings for your entire family !!!!!!


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