Monday, February 20, 2017

How To Train Your Dragon: Brave Writer Lifestyle~

There are times in schooling at home things have to CHANGE!

And sometimes the change has to be with ME!

I confess...

I have been hanging onto workbooks with all my might because they gave me tangible evidence of school.

The kids dreaded it but I was relentless.

Then I picked up THIS book again~ The Writer's Jungle:
 I am taking a section at a time. You can see I've already read and made notes.
This time I am reading my notes and making big post its and doing one thing at a time.

This week we started the Arrow Guide for How To Train Your Dragon~
I picked this title mainly to pull the boys in. EK and SJ have seen the movie so they were on board too.
The little girls are enjoying it as we listen via Audible.

I love the arrow guides give guidelines for reading the story, grammar ideas, literary element, and copywork.

We are also pulling great picture books to read as well.

It has been a very fun way to do all the things we were doing in workbooks but now with a genuine love of story and worth!!!

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