Friday, January 13, 2017

January Schooling~

Looping is our favorite way to school.
I keep a Reading Basket with all our books and enrichment materials inside.
I've tried the weekly schedule of activities, but I'm finding it is better if we loop them.
On Tuesday we read our art and composer study along with Bible, picture book, science, and history~

When book work is complete, the kids can choose something from our handicraft cart of bands, beads, or looms~

We have loved getting back to our Apologia:Swimming Creatures on the Fifth Day.
We have been learning about whales so found a Whale Documentary to watch and sketched in out nature journals~
Everyone had to write something they learned while watching~

It seems winter brings us back to our kitchen table for schooling~

There is much reading that goes on in a day: Science, library books, bible, geography, and listening to a chapter book on audible~
January is off to a great start!

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